“Hi, Debra here, at Odyssey we live our values and would like to share them with you.”

Our Vision is to publish content to nourish and inspire. Exploring all aspects of holistic living, the joy of living authentically, integrative approaches of complementary healing, living consciously, metaphysics, the intuitive arts, our integral connection with nature, spirituality and the mysteries beyond. And to create a phenomenal advertising platform for our advertisers. Founded on 7.7.1977 we are the foremost, long-standing holistic and conscious living magazine in South Africa. Odyssey Magazine has been dedicated to holistic and conscious living for over four decades – Our History Our commitment is to publish four print editions annually (also available as a Digimag, six weeks post print date) in March, June, September and December of each year, to coincide with the seasons, Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring; and to provide our readers and subscribers with content to nourish; and our advertisers with a powerful platform on which to promote their products, services and events.

We are dedicated to publishing open-minded and enlightening content to nourish and inspire without fear or favour.

Our History

Odyssey Magazine is in its 43rd year. Once a journal for likeminded souls, it has matured into the foremost, long-standing holistic and conscious living magazine in South Africa and is now the only quarterly print magazine in its genre in Southern Africa.

Jill Iggulden Stevens who established Odyssey Magazine in 1977 on the 7.7.1977, handed over the baton on 23.11.2018 in Cape Town to daughter-in-law Debra (Stevens) Robins, Editor, following the purchase of Odyssey Magazine from Chris and Silke Erasmus who have nurtured this beautiful publication for 18 years.

The inspiration for Odyssey Magazine came to Jill in February 1977 while she was putting together the Maryland Reader, a 16-page booklet for learners who had just learnt to read through the Lubach ‘Each-One-Teach-One’ literacy training programme. Jill had so enjoyed this project in which she was able to inspire other teachers to write articles to motivate the newly literate readers, that Jill pondered the prospects of bringing out a magazine.

“I thought how wonderful it would be… a magazine with articles on religious philosophy, a new approach to education, alternative technology, parapsychology, holistic healing and the inter-relationship between thought and manifestation,” remembered Jill.

Jill went on to say, “It seems like yesterday that Gerald Moskovitz and I emerged from the premises of Associated Press carrying our first few copies of Odyssey Magazine, literally hot off the press. The bulk of the 5000 print copies ordered would be delivered to CNA’s warehouse manager at Buitengacht Street, and the rest would be distributed by Mossie, on foot, to his established distribution network.” 

Seven years’ later, a healthy and well-established publication was handed over to a new team – Rose de la Hunt and Jean Mitchell; Rose with a 10-year tenure as a counselling director at Life Line, decided to take the leap of faith.
If you can grasp the fact that matter is energy brought to a point of visibility, and that thoughts can influence energy, then you have that which makes anything possible.
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Rose’s 17 years as editor of Odyssey coincided with a period of enormous growth and change in the world of spiritual ideas and experience. Rose described it as “truly a time of the ‘rebirth’ of the sacred” and during her tenure Odyssey was the only magazine of its kind in South Africa. In 2001 the magazine was taken over by Chris and Silke Erasmus following following a deterioration in Rose’s health.

Before her passing to spirit, Rose wrote “For me those 17 years were incredibly rich and fulfilling, though I worked extremely long hours, the deadlines were relentless and things were not always easy. I really loved my work. And I felt blessed by the opportunities it brought me to meet many great and beautiful souls, visiting luminaries and ‘forerunners’ of a new kind of spirituality.”

In 2004, Namaste’ Magazine merged with Odyssey Magazine and they teamed up to become one. Namaste’s aim was to empower the individuals to take full responsibility for their own life – on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – a vision that is still infused in Odyssey magazine today.

Following the incorporation of Namaste into Odyssey Magazine and the opening of a Johannesburg office, Odyssey grew rapidly through 2005 to 2007. In 2007, rather than publish monthly, a collective decision was made to retain Odyssey as a bi-monthly publication. In late 2008, Simply Green was launched and Odyssey reached its all-time circulation high of over 18 000, with a print readership roughly 10 times that number.

Silke Erasmus shared her experiences with us stating that “the global downturn of 2008-09 hit Odyssey magazine and its sibling as severely as any other print publication, but both ultimately rode out the storm emerging stronger. With fewer competitors and Simply Green having won an eco-journalism award in 2010, Odyssey and its sibling were actively at the forefront of making the move to digital media consumption. In early 2013, Odyssey and its sibling launched fulltime into digital. Whilst difficult and challenging as well as requiring a whole range of new skills, the move proved to be almost immediately and dramatically successful in terms of producing highly readable and free digital publications. Issue 5 of December 2013 achieved a remarkable reach of over 366 000 reads and impressions within 30 days’ of going live; and ultimately achieved in excess of 450 000.”

Odyssey has maintained its place steadfastly with many long-time loyal readers. As it moves into its fourth set of caring hands, the publication, now one of SA’s longest-standing magazines, continues its legacy of consciousness-raising content aimed at the self-empowerment of all.

Debra Robins of Mindful Media Publishing (Pty) Ltd. is the fourth custodian of this well-read and much-loved magazine that has not only survived, but thrived over four decades!

Her mission: to publish content to nourish and inspire, and to create a phenomenal advertising platform for advertisers across both its digital and print media platforms.