Making a Difference

Art of Health came into being 7 years ago with its core focus on marketing and promoting the PFG 560 Rife machine which we sourced from a local supplier.

To date we expanded out product range by including two diagnostic machines being the Quantum Magnetic Resonance Scanner as well as a Pathogen Scanner. The former being an excellent and very inexpensive tool that can establish a wide range of imbalances that exist in the human body and allows our clients to constantly address and strive towards a more balanced bodily functioning. The Pathogen Scanner in turn scan the body through the spectrum of wavelengths and identify foreign and more specifically harmful pathogens and parasites. These pathogens are the main cause for a large percentage of the illnesses that restrict the quality of life and is often the cause of death itself.    Over the years we equipped and trained dozens of therapists with diverse backgrounds all over the country and a large percentage of these today operate as successful therapists. Each equipped and trained therapist also operate as commission agents for the Art of Health Rife Machines and related products and accessories of which more can be seen on the website at

Launch of New rife machine:April 2021 also marks the launch of our all-new Rife Machine which we call Majic Wave. Electronic technology and the research on waves advanced in leaps and bounds since our original product was brought to market and today we present a product that is smaller and lighter but packed with more than double the illnesses and conditions, much stronger signal strength, improved battery functioning and some very exciting accessories that result in improved comfort and efficacy. The best news is that we managed to keep the cost similar.

Majic Wave Massage Machine:Majic Wave is a device that generate Electromagnetic Waves of a very specific shape and wavelength. Dozens of researchers all over the world invested millions of hours to investigate the effect of ultra-low and safe waves in the Radio Wave Spectrum and its effect on pathogens and body organs. Massaging pathogens (bacteria, viruses, mould and flukes) vibrate the pathogen and so doing effectively breaking its camouflage which allows the white blood cells to take over and destroy it. Waves could however also directly result in the loss of its life function-such as destroying cells, multiplying or even outright killing it.

Massaging organs with the Majic Wave could also greatly enhance organ functioning and the ability to fight illnesses and compromised health conditions – especially for ageing individuals. Majic Wave is packed with the entire CAFL and ETDFL lists of illnesses and conditions and a lot of the more recent research revolved around brain functioning in the fight against diseases. Similar to achieving different moods by listening to fast or slow music the Majic Wave can stimulate brain waves- even to the extend of producing hormones with untold benefits to any healing process. Massaging blood flow, the ability to take up oxygen and deliver it to the brain and every affected body part can never be underestimated. The massaging of each and every organ imagined can be improved with the use of Majic Wave in the fight against diseases and illnesses in the quest for a longer and better life.

Our latest expansion involved a scanner and the application of the Rife machine on animals such as horses and dogs with breath-taking early results.

At Art of Health we are excited about the results and positive feedback we receive almost daily and will continue to strive towards making a positive impact. Contact us at should you wish to consider any of our products or desirous to be an agent.