Breathing Room

by | Conscious Living

Clear the clutter, keep what’s really valuable to you and allow each room in your home to breathe, vibrating with fresh clean energy.

A peaceful home, harmonious family relationships and personal freedom begin right in the middle of the pile of single socks, clothes that no longer fit and mismatched Tupperware lids. Never mind the piles of papers kept and never filed, the magazine bought and never read.

This is where you find your bliss.

How wonderful, you start right where you are. This is a process that happens little by little, every unnecessary object you release draws you closer. Each piece of clutter removed, a stepping-stone on the path to personal freedom,

Affirm: This is where I am, my habits have brought me to this space and I AM ready to change.

The Buddha taught that running from pain, denying it, or pushing it away creates suffering. Your clutter is a result of running away from your pain. Your habit of denying that there is a problem causes the problem to grow. The only way out, is through. So, the first step in decluttering is knowing that we want peace, harmony and freedom.

Affirm: I AM worthy of a peaceful home, harmonious relationships and personal freedom.

Getting started

We all want to hide our clutter, from others and ourselves as we are often embarrassed by our cluttered space.

Take your camera or your phone to the space you want to declutter and stand within it. Breathe. Your first step is simply to do this: Ground yourself by placing your feet firmly on the floor and inhale love, compassion and understanding and exhale any shame or guilt, until you feel compassion for yourself and the room.

Affirm: This is where I am. This is my clutter. I accept that I created this. There is no shame in this. I release all shame. There is no guilt in this. I release all the guilt.

Look around you and allow peace to fill as you compassionately accept: “This is simply is what it is.” Smile. Breathe. Know that with full acceptance, your life has the opportunity to change.

Make a commitment

Now ceremoniously pick up your camera, look through the are viewfinder with your finger on the button…

The moment I press this button my life will begin to change.
From this moment I commit to remove what no longer serves me.
From this moment I embrace only what does serve me.
From this moment I make choices that bring peace, harmony and freedom.

NOW PRESS CLICK – this is your record of the moment you brought peace into your home, harmony into your relationships and began to follow your bliss – you have proof of your commitment.

Determine Value

Objects are valuable in your life if they create happiness, freedom and ease. If something cost you money, but fills you with regret whenever you look at it, then it does not have value. If a gift needles you with guilt, then it doesn’t have value. If someone hands down an heirloom to you that carries the burden of expectation, then it doesn’t have value.

Nothing, no matter how much you paid for it, who gave it to you, or how long it has been in your family, is truly valuable if it is eating up space in your heart that can be used for peace, harmony and freedom.

A breathing room is more meaningful than any gift and it creates a better future than anything you have inherited.

I hold onto that which brings peace, harmony and freedom and right here right now I release that which does not

Let the clearing begin!