We know now that we can manifest all of our spiritual goals, our personal goals and our dreams, if we release attachments. Particularly our attachment to time. Time makes us feel we are behind or somehow not doing enough. It is only when we measure our spiritual development against time that we grow impatient and disillusioned. Time does not matter. You have eternity, after all. Our essence has all the time in the world plus infinity. There is really no need for hurry. That is only the ego – the part of us that is attached to manifesting while in this particular lifetime. The personality self wants credit for having achieved these things. The Higher Self knows that it doesn’t matter which incarnation does what – all will be completed eventually.

  Attachment can be defined as an inordinate need to have something occur in a specific way, at a specific time, in a specific sequence, etc. and/or an inability to let go of that which no longer serves. We may become attached to unhealthy habits, rigid mindsets, negative thinking and so on. Expectation is closely aligned with attachment. When we ‘expect’ that things will go a certain way, we become ‘attached’ to that ‘knowing’. Then, we may be completely blind to new opportunities or ways that something can come about. Your words and thoughts have a frequency and are heard and felt. Every thought, every word creates a ripple. Each time you reinforce a trait or way of thinking that you no longer wish to keep in your life, by speaking it out in the present tense, “I tend to expect too little” etc., you make it more difficult for your own mind to know that you want that aspect of behaviour to change. Every time you remind yourself that you don’t have to keep doing what you’ve always done, speak in the past tense, like saying: “I make it easier for my mind to imagine that I am already moving away from that aspect of behaviour.”

  One of the most insidious forms of expectation is self-expectation. For example, you may expect yourself to deal with challenging situations better than you end up being able to deal with them. Then, there may be a feeling of falling short of your own expectations. If there has been a repeated pattern of behaviour from someone in the past or you have reacted in the same way toward someone over time, you might unconsciously expect the pattern to continue into the future. That very expectation creates the energy of keeping things familiar. Then, you may not notice that the other person involved has changed and is reacting in different ways or that you actually know healthier ways of dealing with your own reactions than you were aware of before. Sometimes, you expect people to understand something you’re feeling or going through. Sometimes, they don’t understand and then you may feel hurt. So, how do we break the cycle of attachment and expectation? SURRENDER.

I release this matter to source for the highest level of transmutation and manifestation. I give this matter over to you, I release. I surrender.”

As many times as it takes, over and over if need be; keep releasing the matters over which you are attempting to exercise any kind of rigid control.

Release attachment to control.

There are some things in your life that you can control. All of them have to do with actions you can take or internal changes you can make inside yourself. You cannot control other people, events or circumstances. You can make the best of what you are given, as in: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade” and you can release attachment to making things fit your model of the world. When you practise this kind of release on a regular basis, you will find peace and abundance creeping into your life.

Forgiveness, another kind of release.

Forgiveness actually is a releasing process that involves letting go of negative feelings and resentments you’re holding towards other people. When you forgive others, you are actually helping yourself more than them. If you are able to let go of holding on to the negative thoughts and feelings you have about others, you become much lighter and freer with a lot more energy. Many well-known success teachers such as Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer mention forgiveness as an important step in creating abundance and peace in your life.

Release through acceptance

Sometimes as you’re working hard to stay on your path in service of the Light, you’ll find that you have really bad days when you feel like a fake or that you are just not progressing fast enough. This is a time to release your attachment to being extremely spiritually driven every day and just accept what’s happening. You will also find that some days are just great; it’s also important on these days to release attachment to all days being like this. We all go through energy cycles, spiritual ups and downs and personal highs and lows.

Release things you don’t need any more

Go through all of your excess ‘stuff’ and start getting rid of (releasing) what you aren’t using or don’t need. This will really open up space in your world for new things.

Love your path but release attachment to the form

It’s really great to love your path and be committed to it, but be willing to be flexible in the way it shows up.

Right here, right now release your attachment to outcomes, allowing all you desire to manifest in divine right time. All love, Debra