I have been teaching metaphysics since 1993 and began my journey with Access Consciousness in 2012. The teachings opened my awareness to amazing new possibilities and potential and have enriched my life and my courses in so many ways.  Consciously using the tools, my life flows with absolute ease, my abundance has increased exponentially, and my health has improved. I am a magnet for magic and love being in this wonderful new creative space.  I would love to share this or any of my other modalities with you. What would it take for you to come and play in my ‘Divine Space’? The courses I offer are:

Access Bars – Gently cradling somebody’s head while activating specific points on the skull, begins to defrag you brain, releasing your obsessive thoughts so that you can calmly look at the issues in your life from a clearer perspective. It leaves you refreshed, relaxed, renewed, more creative and joyful.

Antaneea Technique: The back of the body is gently massaged three times in one treatment – each layer uses a different sequence of divine oils.  The first sequence supports the physical body, the second lovingly supports the emotional body, and the third connects you to your higher self. Past stored trauma is identified and released from the cells.  Sound tools complete this gentle, loving and deeply transformational process.

Access Energetic Facelift: This process gives the body a chance to release and transform a lot of limiting energies and judgments that get locked in our face and body.  A dynamic yet gentle hands-on body process that quickens and deepens the body’s natural healing capacity. Leaving your face and body rejuvenated, lighter and glowing.

Access Body Processes:  each one is a half day training where I share a different body process each time. They address specific issues and allow your body to relax, receive and release accumulative stress in the physical or subtle energy bodies.

Magic of Colour:  Learn how to do a nine bottle colour reading, where each bottle relates to a different aspect of your life.  It lays the foundation, knowledge and wisdom of colour.  Your choices offer insight into your obstacles, gifts, talents and hidden potential. The process brings enlightenment and supports you in all facets of your life, while giving you the tools to more effectively manage your responses in any situation. Using the divine Oils and Angel Sprays, begins the process of self-healing and helps you to navigate and overcome the barriers on your path to fulfilment.

Antaneea Infinity Keys:  56 cards and guidebook which you can purchase and work through yourself. This one-day training expands on the information in the book, giving you additional ways that you can use the keys in a reading, on your body or in your environment.

For more information, articles, video clips or to choose a therapist so you can experience any of these modalities please visit www.divinespace.co.za

Candice Purchase

Ursula du Plessis Energetic Facelift

Gail Spencer Access Facelift


Surapine Tea



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