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Fear and money are inextricably linked. We fear not having money, as much as we fear having it. We generally refuse to speak about money, even to those closest to us. We try to avoid looking at money, so we do not budget or face our debt. We even avoid the very word money, preferring to talk of abundance or wealth. Money is not everything, we say, and it does not buy happiness.

But the fear remains, so we dress it in respectable labels, trying to hide or disguise it. We talk of fear of failure and fear of success. We discuss how we fear we may lose our creativity or spirituality or humanity with money. We assert with pride that we are unable to deal with figures because we are so governed by our right brain.

Sometimes we become involved in tracing the source of our fear of money to childhood incidents, or to the fact that our role models were bad with money, or to past lives when we were priests.  Meanwhile what we really fear not only grows bigger in the dark, but it becomes so covered up we cannot see it for what it is any more.

What we fear is not some abstract, intellectualised, psychological condition. What we all really fear is poverty, disease, being alone and death. And these are the very conditions that we believe lack of money produces.

Money creates success, prestige, power, freedom and independence.  With money, life – and then old age – is filled with fun, laughter, holidays, health, a loving partner and a glowing complexion  –  all the feel-good stuff.

No money means no success, no prestige, no power, no freedom and no independence. Without money, old age is spent in poverty and illness, all alone, in a dark, shrunken house – all the feel-really-bad stuff. That is what we are taught. That is what the media keep showing us. That is what we believe, deep inside in the darkness of denial.

“Beware of the stories you read or tell; subtly, at night, beneath the waters of consciousness, they are altering your world.” Ben Okri

Money brings up fear. We become anxious at the thought of looking at our debt situation, we are terrified at the mere mention of budget and cannot bring ourselves to look at investments or retirement. Not because we have a fear of success, or because we cannot manage money, or because we are too creative. We will not look at money because, when we do, we activate fear of survival, in a very primal and primitive way.

And it is not just our individual fear that we plug into.  It is also the collective well of fear and angst and suffering of all the people across aeons of time who have had fear associated with money. If you think about the charge associated with that, you come to understand what we are dealing with here. Very grim stuff. Admirable that anyone manages to have any interaction with money whatsoever without having a nervous breakdown!

Fear causes us to avoid, to run away, to not confront, to not create, to not be, to stop.  Fear creates bad feelings, which we want to avoid. So we avoid the things that create these feelings – in this case money.

Unfortunately, having lots of money does not always take the fear away. Many people with money still have huge fear issues around money. Now over and above the fear of survival, there is also the fear of loss, injury or death associated with having money! But that’s another topic.

Here we are looking at overcoming obstacles to making money.

To transform fear associated with money we need to begin by reflecting. We need to acknowledge that there is a fear of survival associated with money, that it’s collective as well as personal. We need to face this fear, or we will never be able to face our cheque book.

Here are a few suggestions on how to do this.
(*Warning: consult your therapist or doctor before commencing with these exercises if you are in an emotionally precarious position, or are on any medication.) 

Transforming fear of money process

  • Begin by listing all the things you fear which are associated with money. Censor nothing.
  • Next to each one write where the fear came from (e.g father, a movie, an event, unknown)
  • Write a list of all the opposites to each of the fears listed above.
  • Reflect on what you see.
  • Using your non-dominant hand draw ‘fear of money’ inside a big circle on A4 or A3 paper.
  • When done, write about what you see. Turn the page upside down and write about what you see now.
  • Underline important words and phrases with a different colour pen and summarise. Reflect on what you see.
  • What decisions, actions and intents will you make as a result?

Do it!

Give yourself permission to feel the fear if it arises. Realise that you can observe the fear without engaging in it. Practise observing the fear when it arises and letting it drift by.

When next you have to deal with a money issue, you will recognise what is really going on. You will be able to pause and say ‘you know I don’t want to look at this because I am afraid, and that’s OK’. You will notice the fear arise, you will observe it for what it is and being able to do that will empower you to act. You will now be able to look at money a little more closely. Perhaps spend some time with your bank statement, just looking at it. These small acts will grow.

 “You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past.”

                                                                                                            Richard Bach ‘Illusions’.

By bringing the fear into consciousness, we begin to transform it and it loses its power over us. But that is only the start. In order to make money, we also need to start to form positive associations with money.  What we need to do is to create new associations with money. New associations with positive feelings. It is our feelings that magnetise things to us – good or bad. What we need to do when we think about money, or when we want to change something about money, is to create a positive association.

This is how to do it. Make a list of things you want, or enjoy. These could be anything from a sunset to owning a yacht. Make the list as long as you like. Then highlight all the items that give you a real feel good feeling. Then hone it down to the one thing that really lifts you up and puts a smile on your face. Locate that feel good feeling in your body. Breathe it into other parts of your body and watch it, feel it, grow. Breathe it outwards into your energy field. Ground it through the bottom of your feet like the roots of a tree. Practise this as often as you can.

Create some new, exciting beliefs about money. Nothing long and complicated. Statements you can start to use daily, imprinting them into your life, consciousness and manifest reality. For example, one of my favourite is, ‘where I go the money goes, for I am the money’.

Make the decision to open the space for a prosperous and abundant 2022! The world needs us to

grow wealth in consciousness, for consciousness.

Kiki Theo combines decades of successful business experience with energetic processing tools she has created to help people grow their wealth and business. She is the author of nine wealth expansion titles and offers courses and sessions for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to fly!

Kiki will offer a series of Conscious Business courses over the next year on Zoom.

Kiki Theo

Kiki Theo is a wealth expansion author and facilitator dealing with money as energy. She helps individuals and businesses to thrive, drawing on her own successful business experience and gifts as an alchemical intuitive and wealth catalyst.



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