What is the Relationship between a Fountain and the Words of a Good Person?

Proverbs 10:11 says, “Like a fountain of water, the words of a good person give life.”

“I think this Proverb means that you are always walking with a big pot of water over your head,” says Tori, 8. “Jesus is going to pour that big pot on your head when you are ready. That special water is called living water.”

I can guarantee that Tori’s interpretation won’t be found in any Bible commentary, but it does provide food for thought or, in this case, water for a bath.

Hanah, 6, offers another interpretation: “Whenever somebody wants to ride my bike, I can say OK.”

“Whenever my mama and daddy say kind words to me, I feel happy,” says Kelsey, 6

Like yeast that makes dough rise, parents’ encouraging words leaven their children’s lives to develop character assets that lead to success. Just a few words at the right time can make the difference between success and failure. Like little flowers, children yearn to bask in the sunshine of life-giving words from loving parents.

“If someone is always nice to you and they always tell you the truth, then you can trust them,” says Morgan, 8. “It is like water, very cold water, and you know it will be good to drink. But if someone doesn’t tell the truth, then you can’t trust him. It is like water that you know is hot and it won’t be good to drink.”

“To live, you must have water,” says Chelsie. “You would die without water. If you don’t have encouraging words in your life, or someone to build you up, you will probably die of loneliness.”

Ask this question: Who can you refresh today by speaking words of encouragement?

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