My journey to oneness and connectedness over the past few years, led me to the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, hanging onto the ancient belief that the sacred geometry of these gargantuan pyramids was used to ascend realms, motivated by the significance of the number 11 in the design of the pyramids and the frequency of oneness being 11.11, further facilitated by the belief that the Great Pyramids have low earth resonance. I entered the Great Pyramid of Cheops without expectation, hunched over in almost a dwarf-like or foetal position climbing up the steep gradient of a small stone passageway for what seemed like kilometres; it reeked of oldness, the long passage of time… humid, hot and stuffy. Feeling nauseous and claustrophobic I plodded on, scrunched over, bumping my head frequently – how significant that turned out to be. When I walked into the king’s chamber, a sliver of light touched the floor and I moved onto the light shadow and closed my eyes…

Turquoise it is the colour of the water of the Red Sea; combined with lapis lazuli and carnelian, turquoise is the dominant crystal in the pharaoh’s jewellery. Turquoise crystals blend the energies of heaven and earth, these shamanic stones heal the spirit and promote trust, kindness and wisdom. The intricate and beautiful stories depicted on temple walls, high columns and tombs have bright yet gentle flashes of turquoise in abundance. The Temple of Hathor, (Egyptian Goddess of Love, Joy, Sound, Music, Healing and Song – wife of the Falcon God Horus) is being restored exquisitely and, as the soot from fires made by early Christians is removed, painstakingly, the original turquoise splendour bursts through. The mountains in the Sinai Desert are rich with turquoise deposits, along with copper and malachite; the sky often a cloudless turquoise.

Unexpectedly I found myself in the presence of the Lords of Karma, their stern, no nonsense energy quite alarming whilst surrounded by tons of stone above and beneath my feet. Stammering I asked for release from a particular karmic debt, with which I have been burdened over many lifetimes, paying back and paying back. This has manifested in my life, all my life… bumping my head on the same lesson over and over.

I didn’t expect their sanction, I expected rebuke on karmic debt… I sensed a hammer fall and, almost immediately, a lightness of being overtook my form, tears rolled down my face in the dark chamber and I knew it was done! The sense of freedom was so profound that the rocks above me may just as well have been polystyrene. And in that moment other travellers on the journey began to tone, with the Om chant, in the chamber… a sound so immaculate, so divine it will remain with me through eternity. In floods of tears, released and relieved, I made my way down the narrow chamber to get to the Sphinx in time for a meditation at 11.11am. It was the 11th of November (…

The Sphinx, shrouded in mystery, is the guardian of the sacred knowledge, the Great Hall of Knowledge believed to be under the right paw; between the paws a red granite stela – a dream gate or stellar gate – that recounts the dream of Pharaoh Thutmose lV, in which he dreamed that he would accede the throne of Egypt if he freed the Sphinx from the sand, heralding the first restoration of this structure, symbolising the union of physical and spiritual power in the pharaoh.

 With special permission from the Egyptian Director of Antiquities, our group was both blessed and privileged to do the oneness meditation between the paws of this guardian and observer, at the dream gate. In a dream state under the hot Egyptian sun, below the lion’s head of this ancient sculpture formed out of a single block of stone, I went within. I cannot recall much of that meditation, other than being overwhelmed by an intense connection with all galactic energies and earth energies. What transpired energetically shall remain a mystery, for within that dream state I have no recall. What followed was mind-blowing…
The mediation ended before 11 minutes past 11, due to time-related issues around the special permission. As I emerged from between the paws of the Sphinx, bright gold beams of energy spiralled from the head and body of the Sphinx, all of the mineral energy and vibration pulsating against the turquoise sky and, as I looked down at my watch, it was 11 minutes past 11. Awed and at the side of the Sphinx, in the shade, I spoke with God and in that moment I realised just how blessed and loved we all are and how grateful I was for this planet earth and all the beings on it. I must have said thank you a hundred times; I would like to think that God was smiling at my fervour, thinking ‘funny child’.

In my guided quest, to get to the Temple of Hathor in Dendara, my turquoise travels continued to the necropolis of Saqqara and the ancient city of Memphis
The next leg of the trip had me being awoken at 1am to catch an aeroplane at 3am, in order to make a charter connection to Abu Simbel, 280km from Aswan, at 7am or thereabouts to see the two imposing temples of Ramses ll, the large one for him and the smaller for the Queen Nefertari.

This imposing Nubian temple was moved rock by rock and rebuilt to escape the rising waters of Lake Nasser when the new Aswan Dam was built, a modern feat in the preservation of Egyptian history and antiquities. The King’s Temple has four 20-metre high colossal statues carved into the rock, dedicated to Amun-Ra, Ra-Horakhty, Path and The God-King, Ramses ll, himself. In Aswan we boarded our Nile cruise boat, which was superb! Recently refurbished to five-star hotel standard, opulent cabins and with jet steam showers and spa baths in the bathrooms… A spa bath and copious cups of coffee were just what my weary travelling soul needed.
The afternoon was spent boating amongst the feluccas on the Nile, being entertained by the local musicians and taking in the beauty; the stark contrast of the soft yellow dunes against the green banks and the deep blue water. Water soothes me and energises me.


The next leg of the journey was to some of the most breath-taking temples and burial chambers I have ever encountered. The Temple of Isis, birthplace of Horus, where the energy reverberated in every water molecule and in every stone particle; Kom Ombo, the shared temple of Horus and Sobek, with its early recordings of ancient medicine and healing; Edfu, dedicated to the Falcon God Horus, son of Isis and Osiris, husband of Hathor … testament to the divine union.

Continuing from Aswan on my turquoise travels, we boarded a local ferry to the Temple of Isis. As the temple started to emerge from across the water behind the seemingly piled rocks; every rock and every particle of water displaced by the propeller reverberated with energy. As my view of the structure became larger and larger so my excitement and anticipation accelerated. For me the structure epitomised the merging of Egyptian, Greek and Roman culture, the magnificent colonnades in the forecourt beckoning. As I stepped off the ferry the energy of the compassionate mother overwhelmed me; the Isis energy was Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Lakshmi the Karuna energy – and from a place of love I explored every corner of the complex.

The primary temple was dedicated to Isis, Goddess of Fertility and Life as well as to her husband Osiris, God of the Underworld and their son, the Falcon God Horus, dominant Egyptian God of the Rising Sun. In this exquisite complex there is a birth house dedicated to Horus, as this is believed to be his birthplace as well as a structure that was later used as a Christian church, evidenced by the Coptic crosses. A majestic granite stone with images of the dedication of the temple to Isis, deeply etched into the stone, graces the north side. Old granite stairs worn by the feet of time took me down to the banks of the Nile. It was here that the girl in me came out to play; I dipped my toes into the turquoise water, making a wish.

We meditated under the arches of the temple structure, overlooking the waters of the Nile; here, embracing the compassionate energy, I opened my heart centre, releasing all past guilt and shame, forgiving myself for those things for which I have been ashamed and forgiving those from this life and the lives before. Having released my karmic debt at the Great Pyramid and now having opened my heart centre, for the first time since the late 1980s, was I finally able to trust and to open my heart to giving and receiving love without fear of betrayal and unconditionally.

On board our rather glamorous riverboat we sailed down river to Kom Ombo; on the hill of Ombos the Temple of Kom Ombo lauds over all the moored craft. This is the only temple dedicated to two gods, the crocodile-headed Sobek (on the right) and the falcon-headed Horus. The duality of the temple represents the ‘Yin and Yang’, the ’Dark and Light’, Horus representing intuition and light and Sobek, darkness and fear.

The next temple was the Temple of Horus at Edfu. With striking lion-head gargoyles at the entrance, this gargantuan and well-preserved temple has beautiful pictorial depictions and inscriptions. Beyond the pylons there are majestic columns decorated with palm leaves and ritual scenes. Many of these depictions show the divine marriage and 30-day union between Horus and his wife Hathor. The sheer romance of the divine union of God Horus and Goddess Hathor captivated me, anticipating my visit to Dendara.

The next leg took us on to the West Bank of Luxor to explore the Valley of the Kings, where exquisitely decorated tombs are carved deeply into chambers in the rocks, filled with treasures and teachings for the afterlife. Then onto the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the only female ruler of Egypt, who was purported to have had an affair with her architect, although she lived her royal life as a man, King Hatshepsut. Then on to the Colossi of Memnon, two monolithic statues of Amenophis lll which stood on either side of a temple.


Our river boat moored on the banks of the Nile, my turquoise adventure culminated in the beautiful city of Luxor, splendour from times of old horse drawn carriages everywhere. The lights of the Temple of Luxor, rising above the busy street in the early morning and watching the hot air balloons rising at 5am on the far banks, set the tone for the peace, serenity and tranquillity that I would find in this special corner of the world which magnetically drew me in. As we explored Luxor at night with the clip clop of horses’ hooves, the streets came alive with vendors, colourful people, fruit stalls, spice bazaars and heaving souks – the horse and carriage drivers weaving in and out of the busy traffic – bus, car, horse, bus, car, horse – not for the fainthearted and only superseded by the Cairo taxi drivers.

A night visit to the Temple of Luxor, illuminated with light, gargantuan statues of Ramses ll towering at the entrance, and obelisks rising up, passing the Avenue of the Sphinxes, which stretched out in the foreground of the Temple, invoked an initial sense of awe! One of the most spiritually moving experiences was sitting outside the temple walls listening to the muezzin chant the Adhan from the minaret, the chants reverberating through the ancient structure, the vibration so intense I could feel it in my soul. And even more astounding was capturing hundreds of light orbs (beings in other dimensions), that were present at this temple, with my camera.

The next day took us to The Temple of Karnak a city of temples built over 2000 years and dedicated to the Theban triad of Amun, Mut and Khonsu; the largest and most sacred of temple complexes, it used to be connected to the Luxor Temple via the Avenue of Sphinxes.

The highlight of my spiritual journey was a day at the Temple of Hathor in Dendara, a very old sacred site. Hathor is accepted as the patroness of earthly love, the goddess of healing and the great feminine source of all nourishment. It was a place of pilgrimage for healing, where miraculous cures were effected by the goddess; it was a sort of hospital where various physiological, psychological and magical therapies were practised; and it was the scene of great processions and festivals throughout the astrological cycle. Within are a temple of the goddess Isis and a brick sanatorium where divine healing was practised. There is also an early Christian church and, within the main temple, it is interesting to study the beautiful and highly detailed astrological calendars carved and painted upon the ceilings, blackened by cooking fires.

Arriving at 8am I had the complex to myself until 2pm. At the temple I found many mysterious crypts, some underground, some enclosed within the massive double walls of the upper temple. I spent an hour or so underground in the crypts in meditation, bright green energetic light forms bouncing off the walls. In the Crypt of Hathor I experienced the most profound experience of true forgiveness, and just as I felt my karmic lessons of betrayal lifted so I was able to forgive all those that had a part in those karmic lessons including myself.

It has been suggested that these crypts were the dwelling place of the goddess, where her statue and ritual objects were kept and where began the great New Year processions celebrating the dawn of creation. In the dark of night, the temple priests brought the statue of the goddess from the crypt, through the corridors of the enormous temple and, ascending to the roof, awaited the coming of the dawn. As the first rays of the morning sun broke upon the horizon, the statue was unveiled. Ancient texts speak of this ceremony whereby: “The goddess Hathor might be united with the beams of her father, Ra” and that “the sky rejoices, the earth dances, the sacred musicians shout in praise.”

In the complex is a now dry sacred lake, filled with palm trees and shrieking crows, my totem animal. I was sitting in the bottom of the lake surrounded by the crows, in deep meditation in the sweltering desert heat … then I heard the sound of crickets, no longer under the scorching Egyptian sun; mystically transported to another time, the time of King Pepy ll… I had been transported into the dark under a blanket of stars, the sacred lake filled with water, a celebration was under way. Peeping through the reeds I saw the priests preparing for the celebration of Isis’ meeting with Hathor, the beginning of a new year. “Nespet” a voice whispered; my teacher beckoned me to turn my face away; only the priests could witness the celebration of the goddesses, not a humble jewellery apprentice like me… And as quickly as day turned to night I was jolted back to reality by the security guard asking if I was OK. I couldn’t get back to that place, although I knew that I had been taken back to the time the karmic debt of betrayal that I had released at the Great Pyramids.

With the spiritual adventure concluded, I then went on to Sharm El Sheik, for some seaside fun in my turquoise wonderland and country of my heart.