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Phyto-Force is a very well-known brand in terms of herbal, particularly Western Herbal Medicine throughout South Africa.  It has been under current ownership for the past 22 years and is distributed widely throughout South Africa and some neighbouring African countries.  We still have many of the original employees who have been with us for 15-20 years.  We are a happy team.

At Phyto-Force Herbal Laboratories we specialise in producing the finest quality herbal extracts and remedies to treat what ails you. Our name is as natural as our products and comes from the Greek word phyton which means ‘plant’. We know nature and trust in its abilities – you should too.

Our medicinal plants are mostly all sourced from their country of origin,  through highly respected and qualified sources. No herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers or colourants are used, to ensure our remedies remain the way nature intended them.

Herbal medicines are so widely used because, when the whole plant is utilised in a remedy, it not only contains the properties that heal but also the ability to counteract any side effects.

Our beautiful, bold, gold-stamped logo embodies the high quality standards that we strive to achieve through our ranges, which consist of single herbal tinctures, capsules, teas (blue brand), creams, soaps, ailment-specific formulations (red brand) and essential oils (black brand).  Our raw materials are sourced wherever possible from country of origin or where the plants can be wild-crafted or organically grown so as to avoid using herbicides, pesticides and fertilisers. 

We supply all health shops, selected pharmacies, Dischem pharmacies, Wellness Warehouse stores, countrywide   We also supply teaching institutes such as university faculties of Homeopathy and Phyto-therapies or Technikons offering the same courses and, of course, Independent Health Practitioners.  We offer a wide range of individual products, making available most herbals which are not otherwise available because they cannot be grown in this country.  We bring you God’s own pharmacy, beautifully packaged and as natural as can be, backed by comprehensive and informative leaflets, available free from your nearest stockist, to assist you to find the right herb for your ailment.
All Phyto-Force and Bio-Logic remedies are produced according to the high standards set by the British Pharmacopoeia and the Phyto-therapeutic Materia Medica. 

Our products are not tested on animals.

For more information or purchase through our online store, visit our website www.phyto-force.co.za or contact us on sales@phyto-force.co.za or telephone 031 7660150. 

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