Spirits and Souls of Mama Africa

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This article has been written with the express purpose of explaining things around us we may not understand and taking the fear factor away from things that may be strange or inexplicable to people. I’ve been involved in esoteric subjects, souls, spirits, hauntings etc., since 1972. But since coming to South Africa in 2000 have experienced such numerous and intense experiences, suddenly having so many fascinating experiences that I was compelled to stay in Africa, helping people cope with life stresses and understand things around them, plus clearing and getting rid of unexplained things that may have frightened them.

Energies and spirits exist all around us, which are difficult for most to see but many can be both felt and photographed, showing something really does exist beyond our understanding. Some of these energies can be man-made, the product of people’s minds, angers, energies and, sometimes, the desire to control and breed fear for both good and bad.

Why Africa was chosen or if it just happened to be such an important place we may never know but today we see the oldest signs of these people all around us. Proof of ancient mankind can be found all around us, signs such as tools, rock art, even food remnants and, most importantly in this discussion today, their energies, ghosts and Souls.

Souls are simply the energies within our own bodies. Everyone on the planet has a soul. Energies of souls can be seen around our bodies and are better described in living people as auras. However, when our body ceases to exist, the soul continues and it can have many forms. As ghosts perhaps, resembling the person departed, which could resemble the person who has passed to reassure those left behind after their passing for example, or they can appear as a spirit, the outline of what was a human, or as an orb, a ball of concentrated soul energy.

Africa is undoubtedly the most spiritual place on the planet, particularly as it appears to be where mankind originated hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years ago. Homo sapiens, humankind as we know today, first walked this continent, particularly southern Africa. They lived and died here.

Because of such early existence of man, there also remains in Africa much more evidence of man in the form of spiritual beings than in most other places in the world.

Wars and disputes have occurred since the beginning, from the hunter gatherers fighting with the farmers, to present day disputes, conflicts and accidents and, all over the continent, souls remain, as they don’t know they are actually dead. But, most importantly, souls remaining are still the same souls as today are within you and me.

Energies just like us can be found all around us and, in all reality, are nothing to be feared. The souls of those here before us, combined with the immense spiritual energy of the earth, can be found in your house, in your yard perhaps, and in surrounding hills, valleys and caves. They are not here to frighten you. Fear is only in your own interpretation of what something inexplicable represents to you.

My own experiences in Africa started almost from when I arrived in 2000, being asked to cleanse places, houses, areas, being invited into well-experienced and well-equipped groups investigating such wonderful paranormal occurrences, as being both a psychic and someone who could also cleanse places from such presences.

The most notable and special adventure involving souls, spirits and clearing started at the University of Pretoria where I was invited to the Mapungubwe Museum. This museum houses artifacts and gold pieces collected by archaeologists since 1932 from a sacred area called Mapungubwe in Limpopo province in the north of South Africa.Mapungubwe was a trade centre for ivory and gold, a large community which existed between 1100 and 1290 AD. This is an extremely spiritual and sacred place on the confluence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers, which form the borders of three countries, South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

My involvement with this wonderful place began upon my arrival at the museum, a wonderful collection of gold beads, necklaces, artifacts and even Chinese pottery left by traders in exchange for ivory and gold, when the curator immediately came to me, saying she had heard of me before and asking if I could remove a curse which had been put on the museum.

The curse had been placed on the museum by a sangoma, or African witchdoctor, who had walked to the university barefoot from Tzaneen, some 300km away, to ask for the return of his ancestors to Mapungubwe. The ancestors consisted of many skeletons recovered from the hill and surrounding areas, including the skeletons of two kings and a queen. When the sangoma’s request was refused he reacted by placing a curse upon the museum, which would result in the building burning down and its occupants dying. The curse was a very good example of man-made spells – the creation of the sangoma himself – and a very powerful one, actual and tangible.

Walking into the museum was like walking into heavy molasses and I could clearly see a black cloud which extended from the front door to a large glass case containing the centrepiece of the exhibition, a gold rhinoceros statue, which moved all on its own away from its central point within the case twice in one week, unnerving everyone in the museum, including the security guards who wouldn’t go into the museum.

The sangoma had done a very good job of gathering energies in this area, which undoubtedly had a deep effect on everyone who went near there, and these needed to be removed. I accepted the task of ridding the area of this very uncomfortable energy and did so immediately by displacing the sangoma’s energies with my own. Within a short time the atmosphere returned to normal and people returned.

But one problem still remained: Helping the sangoma and obviously the many people who believed in him, to be able to convince the museum to return their ancestors to where they had been before being taken.

The skeletons are the true remains of their ancestors and needed to be in the land from which they came and ruled, therefore they were not happy to have had their ancestors removed from where they belonged. So it was decided by everyone in the museum at that time to ensure the wishes of the people of Mapungubwe were met; but how?

Others tried to get the ancestors returned, but failed to get anyone to agree or cooperate in the return of these sacred skeletons for some time, and I was again asked to help.

Fortunately I had, in the meantime, made some very wonderful friends who were very important traditional people in the country, who agreed to make all efforts to help the people return Mapungubwe to the true level of importance it deserved and satisfy the ancestors. Plus they were able to introduce me to the then President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki and he enthusiastically agreed to make this happen, due to the significance of Mapungubwe to the people of southern Africa. Thanks to the efforts of the then president, the ancestors, the skeletons, were in fact returned to their proper resting place in late 2007.
During negotiations and for my own experience I visited Mapungubwe and found it one of the most moving places I have ever been, due mainly to its location on high energy ley lines of the earth, plus I found the spiritual, the paranormal existences which I am eager to share with readers, who can then look for them themselves.

The centre of the area that once was a city is a flat-topped hill, some 50 metres high, quite plain and quiet to look at, but full of energy, spiritual energy, historical energy, mysterious energy – and sadness also. A staircase had been built zig-zagging up the face to the top, where previously people had climbed up small footholds, carrying every bit of soil ever found there by hand: Soil needed for the erection of some buildings, general survival environment and graves: Importantly, graves of two kings and a queen.
Souls, thousands of souls of the original inhabitants of this once city, and orbs, thousands of concentrated spherical forms of souls, staying, still today part of this amazing place. All of them talking to us, welcoming us, eager to tell us of their presence there, swarming all around the area, making me so aware of a peace there now, and their stories of previous dramas, extreme sadness that caused this one-time city – trading for two centuries their ivory and gold, a wealthy, happy area – and how the people had to leave this sacred place due to drought and severe weather conditions.

On top of the hill, now bare of the soil so carefully taken there before, was a wonderful view into Zimbabwe. Underfoot were millions of tiny animal or bird bones making an eerie crunching noise wherever we walked and, with no one for miles, the sound of drums and an incredible feeling, history, people, dramas, death, sadness for miles. And a stifling energy, probably due to the fact the hill is on an intersection of many ley lines.

The sacredness of the area was now understandable, tangible. It is more powerful than any place I have ever been before.
This sort of energy must remain untouched, unlike other places where it became necessary to remove, release or exorcise. The energies here were so special that messages can be received by anyone going there for centuries to come and I highly recommend you all go to Mapungubwe at least once in your life to learn much about African history – and yourself.

How? I’m not sure, but everyone I have known who goes there has had great changes in their lives and learnt so much about themselves. We were given a great respect and understanding of the people who had lived here.

This experience also was a great lesson in what energies had to be left untouched and never feared, listening to stories the spirits had to tell, hundreds of them. This is one place on the continent to leave all fear behind and allow yourself to acquire knowledge, open your mind and be given a great understanding of the people, spirits and spirituality of Africa. Maybe then to talk to spirits you may encounter anywhere on the continent, even in your own town or home. Fear is only in the minds of some people and not necessary in our daily lives, stopping us from thinking or functioning and even affecting our health. Fortunately it is my purpose now to help people overcome fear and anxiety and to live much happier lives.

T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht

T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht is an expert internationally certified clinical hypnotherapist practising in Fourways, Johannesburg. Heard many times on Talk Radio 702, as well as Cape Talk 567 and MIXfm 93.8, he was the first certified clinical hypnotherapist (C.CHt.) in South Africa. Dr Long is passionate about helping people and healing using many different modalities including clinical hypnotherapy and ethno medicine therapies. He is also Director of the International Academy of Hypnotherapy (IAH). Dr Long may be contacted via email: art@hypnotherapysa.co.za

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