The Magic of The ‘I Am’ Presence

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“Where your attention is there you are, what you focus upon you become!”

Ascended Master Saint Germain

These Sacred Teachings from the Ascended Masters, give people the tools and methods to realise our own divinity – The ‘I AM’ PRESENCE within – and achieve our next evolutionary step, THE ASCENSION.

The essence of the Ascended Master Teachings is to get everyone to understand that we are the representative of our ‘I AM’ Presence in a physical form, The ‘Presence of God’ is WITHIN us. We are gods and goddesses in embryo and create our individual worlds with every thought, feeling, word and action. We are vested with the greatest gift of life – free will – and we have created our own world individually and collectively, over many, many lifetimes.

The name of God is ‘I AM’ (‘I AM’ that ‘I AM’. That is My Sacred Name.” Exodus 3:14) and when we say those Holy Words we create with mathematical precision! The Light of the Great ‘I AM’ is within each and every one of us, anchored in our heart and above us. We chose to come to the ‘schoolroom’ Earth, to learn mastery of our four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional) and to use the light rays through our ‘I AM’ Presence, to expand ‘The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth’ and to bless all life!

Therefore, being individualised God-beings, with the power to create, where did we go wrong? In the realm of the God-beings, the Ascended Masters and our ‘I AM’ Presence, there is no discord – no fear, doubt, ageing, disease, death, poverty, greed, selfishness, sadness, anger, blame or misunderstandings and, as it is above, so it should be below.

Millions of years ago, we consciously turned away from ‘The Ways of Light’ and our ‘I AM’ Presence, which is our true Source of Life and our supplier of everything we need. We lost the use of light rays, which are released by our ‘I AM’ Presence when we call them into action and, through this light, we were able to maintain permanent happiness, peace, abundance, health, immortality and every good thing! We became ‘sense conscious’, giving our power to the ‘outside world’ and seeking our happiness in the shifting sands of the material sensations, excesses and often ego-driven goals that enhance self-image.

A prerequisite to self-mastery is maintaining happy and peaceful relationships with family, friends and people on our path. However, equally important is the realisation that our only permanent happiness and peace come from our ‘I AM’ Presence within, thus avoiding a state of co-dependency on the ‘outside world’, which is impermanent. So the development of a close and constant relationship with our ‘I AM’ Presence is our goal and remaining in a state of ‘listening grace’ to the ‘still, small inner voice,’ often gently revealed through a feeling.

We are at a crossroad, after millions of years of Grace, the Great Cosmic Law is demanding that humanity make a final choice and individually determine our destiny. The old adage ‘we cannot serve two masters’ is true. We are being taught now to serve the light and co-create with our ‘I AM’ Presence the perfection that was always meant to be on our sweet Earth. Never again – and never before – has there been so much help from the ‘Higher Realms of Light’ as we are receiving now, so it behoves each one of us to take advantage of this.

The Ascended Hosts, in particular the Ascended Master Saint Germain, released this ancient knowledge, during the last century in a simple, easy-to-understand-and-apply format, as a means by which humanity can, if they choose, redeem their karma of lifetimes, through the use of the Sacred Fire (light) in particular the VIOLET TRANSMUTING FLAME, balance our use of life and make the ASCENSION – which we ALL have to do one day. It is our next evolutionary step.

“These Sacred Teachings from the Ascended Masters, give people the tools and methods to realise our own divinity.” Anthea

Anthea Torr has been running free workshops on the Ascended Master Teachings since early 2010 in South Africa and internationally. Her life is now devoted entirely to assisting the Ascended Master Saint Germain and the other Ascended Beings to bring this knowledge to humanity.
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