Think Yourself Healthy

Every word you think affects every atom in your body, therefore it is possible to ‘think yourself healthy’. The greatest help you can give your body and your health comes from your own mind, your subconscious, not your brain.

In fact your brain is your worst enemy. It is judgmental, critical and tells you thousands of reasons why you can’t do something. Brain also reminds you of your previous mistakes, mistakes therefore become habit, making more mistakes inevitable.
Brain also remembers things from your past: Bullies, people telling you you’re not good enough, stopping you from moving forward or succeeding in anything you wish to do. The fear of such incidents makes you feel sick to the pit of your stomach, literally allowing those people to keep controlling you by what they said or did being perpetuated.
Then you might wish to lose weight. Brain might then stand as a reminder to you of your fears; your weight is there to protect you, perhaps, from previous abuse or trauma and the weight will always remain despite even the strictest of diets.
Another way brain can make your life difficult is if you, perhaps, decide to eat minimal food. Your brain may decide you’re not taking enough energy into your body and keep whatever energy source it has – and the fastest used source is fat – locked in the body and you can’t get it out no matter what you do.

Many overweight people are simply not eating enough food.
If you were to tell yourself you do not need that weight any more, it can, in fact, start to come off and you can get control over the weight, enabling you to be the way you want to be.

Your mind, your intuition, gut feeling, inner self, soul can help you succeed in your efforts.
Positive thoughts come from mind. Thoughts like “I can”, easily overcoming “I can’t “,” I struggle”, “what if” and “but” words which defeat all efforts to succeed at anything.
You can make such changes for yourself, within yourself, either with hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, or self-belief, in that your belief in making change will work.

Hypnotherapy, for example, may use a methodology called virtual gastric belt, which convinces the brain that you have had a constricting belt inserted around your stomach, forcing you to eat less as you think your stomach is full.
You yourself can overcome the brain’s habits of thinking that you can only feel good when eating food, hence the term ‘comfort food’, but you can fall victim to a habit started from the thought that only eating food can make you feel good.
I’ll go so far as to say dependence upon alcohol or drugs comes from the same thought patterns that tell a person undergoing difficult times that only artificial means can help and enable them to feel better or escape from uncomfortable circumstances. In truth, those pleasant feelings or a safe place you needed to escape to can, in all reality, be created in your own mind by your own thoughts, nothing else. That is how we may utilise, for example, hypnotherapy, instilling thoughts of your own ability to feel good, which is all you need to have in order to be the person you really want to be.

Did you know that physical performance in every sport you can think of can also be improved if you override doubts?
Doubts can detract from strength or necessary coordination and positivity from within can improve any physical efforts.
I’ve helped world-class athletes reach and maintain best of the best by adding mental conditioning, simply with hypnotherapy, triggers of controlling their efforts when required, post hypnotic suggestion of calmness when playing their sport and by overriding fears and underperformance with the use of self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis takes away all distractions so you can concentrate perfectly upon what you are doing. Even students can benefit by reinforcing their abilities to study, absorb information; therefore studies and exams can be undertaken using self-hypnosis to calm and think so much better.

You can do this for yourself as well by simply being aware of negative thoughts or thoughts of bad things that may have happened early in life which can still affect your entire life.
Bullies at school or just being told you’ll never be successful can make you believe such actions, creating a bad feeling or belief that sometimes rules your life. People’s mere words can be cruel and debilitating, but thoughts from your gut feeling can in all reality overcome such negativity.
Every word you think affects every atom in your body so you can improve your health by being aware of negative thoughts creating bad feelings, then improve and control your feelings by distracting yourself from negativity, eliminating negative thoughts and allowing yourself to feel better.

We all have such control over our health, simply by realising how you can be your own best friend: Ignoring self-criticism; refusing to believe negativity thrown at you by others; replacing any negativity with, perhaps, looking at good things you’ve done; or self-praise for even the smallest thing you have succeeded with or that has made good things happen for yourself, or helped others in some way.

In actual fact we have a choice; we can choose to feel OK, or we can choose to feel terrible. Your choice, which would you prefer? Then simply choosing to feel good can bring change for the better.

Try finding positives in everything. Getting out of bed seeing a nice morning perhaps, or a nice garden. Giving thanks for a new day, or birds, trees, your nice house, a cup of coffee or tea, all helps stave off unhappiness in any form. Simply help yourself feel good by having good thoughts.
You have a choice, to feel bad or feel good; why would you choose to feel bad? That’s like punishing yourself for something you haven’t done, so why punish yourself with bad feelings?
It’s also too much effort wasted when you’re being anything but calm. You find yourself continually thinking of reasons to be stressed, wasting energy which could be otherwise used for constructive or inspiring efforts.
Another application of our own strength can come about if our work might seem difficult and boring, but that is what you choose to do, that is why your employers selected you for the job as they had faith in you as being the right person and having the right abilities for the job. Plus they pay you for working there so you think of the money you’ll earn today, or that they’ve paid you so far, not how difficult your job may be. Problems, known also as challenges these days, are thrown at us to prove we can overcome problems, not become the victim of such occurrences, giving us a reason to praise ourselves for overcoming difficulties.

A good example of a quick change you can do for yourself is to deep breathe, concentrating on your breath, nothing else, meditating and taking your mind somewhere else. Stimulating a very important nerve system in the body called the vagus nerve works wonders also. The vagus nerve runs from brain though the upper body and can bring instant change should you need it.
For a quick pick-me-up, or wake-up, or change from depressed or stressed feelings, simply splash cool water on your face. This simple action creates a lively, stimulating feeling in your vagus nerve system, through your brain, head, face and chest, generally stimulating freshness and wellbeing in a second or two.
Another simple, quick and easy help is splashing water on your wrists, which can help you feel better, and reduce your temperature during hot weather. Just taking a deep breath and telling yourself you’re OK has wonderful results, stimulating oxygen to the brain and a distraction from problems. Another quick pick-me-up: Looking at a picture on the wall or scenery outside – birds, trees and the colour green you then see create calmness and are a great distraction from stress, or feeling bad, or not being able to think.

Remember every word you think affects every atom in your body, so become your own best friend now and help change your life for the better. Create a sense of wellbeing for yourself that leaves nothing to criticise. Saying “I can” instead of “I can’t” can work wonders for you. “I’m a good person” creates good feelings about yourself.
When you look in a mirror, no need to see wrinkles or an overweight person. See the person who helps others. See the parent who gives a good example to your children of how to feel and behave because of the good feelings you create within yourself. Remember they learn how to behave from you, so any feelings you have that you don’t want to pass on to your children, change, so they see the wonderful caring, loving person you truly are.

Try it now! Try all of the above. Become your own best friend today.

T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht

T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht is an expert internationally certified clinical hypnotherapist practising in Fourways, Johannesburg. Heard many times on Talk Radio 702, as well as Cape Talk 567 and MIXfm 93.8, he was the first certified clinical hypnotherapist (C.CHt.) in South Africa. Dr Long is passionate about helping people and healing using many different modalities including clinical hypnotherapy and ethno medicine therapies. He is also Director of the International Academy of Hypnotherapy (IAH). Dr Long may be contacted via email:

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