Thoughts Change Lives

“You’ve always had the power my dear…”

Glinda, the Wizard of Oz

In this day and age, problems have taken on a different level of severity requiring new levels of coping and tolerance. World and local events are testing us to the limits, far greater than ever before: Rising crime, dangers, world tensions, monetary and relationship tensions and illnesses on a level most of us have not experienced are creating a far greater need to cope and differently from how we have handled life before.

            Most of these problems, however, are not affecting us directly in a physical way but the effects can be debilitating, physically debilitating in a strange way that may have no physical cause nor would reason, like a broken arm, for example, be so much easier to diagnose.

            Therefore, more people are being diagnosed with disorders with no physical cause, generally categorised as psychosomatic disorders: Conditions that have no physical cause.

            So, we go into the realms of physical illness or pain that we cannot explain. When that situation arises, how can we fix these often-debilitating symptoms? Headaches, migraines, colds, flu, stomach troubles, panic, fear, stress, depression can inexplicably make our lives hell and mostly only be treated with pills and potions designed for masking each and every symptom; and the symptoms still come back time and time again.

            As there is no physical cause, how can we seek help? The cure cannot be a physical cure either. So, we now need to look in different directions for help. Within ourselves where the symptom started is in our brain: In our minds, which we have been told is a place of imagination: The pain doesn’t exist, so it is in your mind? Yes.

            This connotation, is in fact, not an insult but a now proven fact that we can suffer terrible symptoms from thoughts. In fact, every thought you have affects every atom in your body. For example, young Johnny wants to skip school and says he has a terrible stomach ache. Before long this invented stomach ache will become very real.

            How? You might hear bad news via media, on the phone or someone tells you of some upsetting information. Your stomach tightens, you may feel ill, or worse, faint. From what? From words or thoughts.          You haven’t had any physical cause, no knocks, falls, hits, or concussions, just mental stimulation that translate immediately into physical feelings. Debilitating physical pains can be caused by trauma, stressful events, abuse, shock, fright and be felt for years afterwards.

            Thoughts of previous trauma in your life, a death in the family, an accident, a terrifying event, or even being yelled at can be remembered for the rest of your life and constantly create physical side-effects such as repetitive panic attacks, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, migraines, bedwetting, infertility: Dozens of physical symptoms which are not necessarily caused by physical damage.

            How can we overcome such problems which are now your feelings controlling you? The distant past creating lifetime problems? Non-physical causes require non-physical abilities, more simply called psychic abilities.

            The best of these abilities can be that of distracting yourself. Looking at a scene or concentrating upon your own breathing are abilities which can distract the brain from its task of reminding us of a bad experience, for example.

            In fact, the brain is your worst enemy. It is judgmental, critical and can tell you thousands of reasons for not doing something. The brain is also habitual, telling you how to behave under certain circumstances.

So, it can be changed, tricked into behaving in another manner. Instead of being frightened. For example, you can, in fact, tell the brain there is no need for panic or fear.

            Positive changes can then become possible. For example, survival in freezing water is generally only 30 seconds but if fear is not a factor that survival time can be extended up to 90 minutes.

            When fear is eliminated during stressful situations, varying from study to life-threatening, you can greatly increase your abilities to think, move and succeed under stress.

            The majority of pain is the fear of pain, which in turn can cause other parts of the body to tighten and react, increasing perceived pain. If we were to calm deliberately instead of tensing, any pain can reduce considerably – from such pain-relieving experiences for myself and people I help on a regular basis – up to 98 per cent pain reduction.

            If you are in pain, just imagining the pain coming out of your body, getting away from the pain, is an exercise that, after practice, can in fact work very well for you. Now see how non-physical thoughts or words can have a noticeable change to your physical body.

            Notice how you feel if you are thinking negative thoughts, thinking of bad things from the past for example. I’ve seen hundreds of people pushing themselves into depression by self-criticism, or believing criticism and negativity from others. They then think and feel terrible.

            The two words “I can” work so well physically. Try this short experiment and see how you feel. Repeat “I can’t“ four times and realise how your feelings change to heaviness and strength drops. Very negative feelings start immediately. Now fix this by yourself, simply say “I can“ four times and feel the difference. There is an immediate upward flow of energy, strength returns and even improves from just two words. Using just two words can help you do much., “I can” feel good, study well, perform my sport better than ever before, overcome pain, and overcome fear. All these things and more can be helped just with two words.

            In light of recent occurrences, we need to keep ourselves feeling calm under very different conditions. These times are worsened by financial and health problems as well as us being bombarded by news of the worst things 24/7. Try turning off negative media, stop listening to conspiracy theories 24/7.

            Firstly, stay so calm that you can think, does this concern me or my loved ones directly? If not, reject it as not needing to affect you. Control your body with calmness that can promote both good feelings and help you think rationally.

            No, it is not necessary to think of “what if” or “but”, creating monsters that in reality do not exist, blowing little problems way out of manageable proportions and making yourself feel terrible.

            Being stressed or fearful is too much hard work; thinking of things to stress and upset yourself is too much hard work. Calmness is so much easier, using abilities, we never knew we had. Psychic, or non-physical abilities to help us through life are essential in this day and age.

            Listen to music or go into the garden and listen to birds – or nothing – and feel the difference in yourself. Become your own best friend; rather think nothing than criticise yourself or believe the words of others who may have put negative thoughts into your head. Take control of your calmness, be kind to yourself; rather think absolutely nothing than anything negative and you can help yourself feel so much better. Take care of yourself and loved ones with kindness, calmness and positivity by first feeling these things yourself, believing in your ability to control your feelings, self-esteem and strength so those around you can feel the same. By doing this you can override any fear or panic being stirred up in the world at the moment.

            Every word you think affects every atom in your body. Remembering this can help you and everyone near to you.

T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht

T/Dr Arthur Long D.Emed EPP C.Cht is an expert internationally certified clinical hypnotherapist practising in Fourways, Johannesburg. Heard many times on Talk Radio 702, as well as Cape Talk 567 and MIXfm 93.8, he was the first certified clinical hypnotherapist (C.CHt.) in South Africa. Dr Long is passionate about helping people and healing using many different modalities including clinical hypnotherapy and ethno medicine therapies. He is also Director of the International Academy of Hypnotherapy (IAH). Dr Long may be contacted via email:

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