Category: Holistic Living

Jamu Juice

Jamu Juice or Essence is the merging of the alchemy of East and West. This powerful body tonic not only boosts the immune system, it is a powerful ancient remedy for inflammatory diseases.

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Science Fiction or Weird Science? Uploading our brain ware to reanimate our consciousness for...

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Hormone Hacks

Every person’s hormone health is highly individual and depends on many factors. In this article, however, I will highlight what women can do to create an environment in which optimal hormone health is possible at any age. 

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All around us, everything we see, touch, feel or wear has colour – each with its own characteristics and specific therapeutic qualities. As the sun’s vital messengers, they are the sensations that enrich our world. Important since we are ‘hu-man beings’ – the ‘man’-ifestation of ‘hues’ come into ‘being’ – colouring our experiences through our thoughts, attitudes, memories and beliefs – and colour certainly affects us emotionally – especially women.

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