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Finding Inner Peace in Time of Turmoil

Q – When in silence with yourself, allowing your awareness go to the place where peace and joy are eternal, your space of inner peace; how does one go into that that meditative space, when the natural thoughts go to fear,...

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What does it mean to ‘hold space’?

Q – What is ‘Holding Space’ in the conscious and holistic view, if at all different?Friends, family and healers are often ‘first responders’ when any crisis takes place, never more so than now; how...

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Overcoming Loss and Grief

Q – If indeed grief is a human emotional response to the experience of loss and mourning is the process of adapting to life after a loss, are we a society in mourning… mourning the loss of societal freedoms, jobs,...

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The Spiritual Outfall of the Pandemic

Q – Many have lost their most intimate connection to their soul as they switched to self-preservation and emergency mode?  How do they reconnect? ‘Wisdom Dialogues with Colleen Joy’, V – The Spiritual Outfall of the...

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