Category: Spring 2020

Aura.Soul.Art ~ Balancing Energy Artfully

‘Mindfulness’ – could be considered to be a state of mind, a moment-to-moment awareness of having an experience without judging it. The primary intention of ‘being mindful’ is to observe our knee-jerk reactions to any triggers...

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A Message from the Guides

“Your earthly world is undergoing a series of profound and unprecedented energy shifts, the likes of which have never before been felt in the earthly plane. It is a time of turmoil and brings challenges that shake the core...

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What is the real cost of a cup of coffee?

Is the cup of coffee you sell and serve – or buy and drink, depending on which side of the counter you are on – driving a farmer into poverty? The sustainability of the coffee industry is under intense scrutiny globally to...

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Until now men who suffer from The Big ED (Erectile Dysfunction) have relied on medication to provide them with a few very well-planned, blissful hours. However, the medication wears off and then one is back to the limp...

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My Tree

This sacred tree I plant for my life For all it offers me Shade and protection, and so much more....

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