<em>Alani Keiser is a singer-songwriter with songs playing in retails stores across South Africa and TV. Collaborating with poets and songwriters across the globe, Alani aspires to excel in her 25-year long music career. Alani’s other passions include Herbalism and creating simple, healthy recipes for magazines, and has appeared on TV shows and spoken at events about being a healthy vegan.</em> Alani’s music can be found on all music steaming and digital platforms. Here is a link Alani’s song Grey Grey Love: <em><a href="http://youtu.be/mNohOagYsMM"> <button style="color: blue;">YouTube</button> </a></em><em><a href=""http://www.alanikeiser.com"><button style="color: blue;">Website</button> </a></em><em><a href=""http://www.instagram.com/alanikeiser/"><button style="color: blue;">Instagram</button> </a></em><em><a href=""http://https://web.facebook.com/alanikeiser?_rdc=1&_rdr/"><button style="color: blue;">Facebook</button> </a> </em>
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