A sacred dialogue between the self and the divine

by | Conscious Living, Print Articles, Winter 2024

Within the prose of this method resides a profound connection that speaks to the sanctity of existence, advocating fervently against violence in all its forms, urging instead for a conscious selection of words and actions that foster growth and vitality. This philosophy, rooted in a deep reverence for life, champions a way of being in which exhaustion is unknown and effort is not abhorred, but rather imbued with the essence of love, balanced harmoniously with rest to guide us towards the zenith of our potential.

Embracing homegrown.
Why do we espouse this ethos? Because within its folds lies a pathway to the divine – a journey of selfless devotion and service. It beckons us to transcend the mundane, offering prayers and gestures of worship that extend beyond ourselves, reaching out to uplift others. Even the simple act of breathing becomes a sacred ritual, devoid of the taint of pungent substances, such as onions, garlic and chives, ensuring that our very essence remains pure and untainted.

To achieve clarity of mind and purity of body, we must embrace a lifestyle free from toxins and impurities. This entails abstaining from harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco and some medications and, instead, embracing the healing bounty of nature. Herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables become our allies in this journey, nourishing us from within and fostering vitality. Yet, even in our dietary choices, we must exercise discernment, avoiding grains that may obstruct our inner channels, while embracing the nourishing abundance of homegrown produce, including sprouts and micro-greens.

But holistic wellness transcends mere dietary considerations – it is a way of attuning ourselves to the rhythms of the cosmos. It is about aligning our actions with the cyclical dance of the sun and the moon, honouring the subtle shifts of each season as they unfold. Whether it be the vibrant energy of spring or the introspective stillness of winter, each phase of the natural world offers its own lessons, its own opportunities for growth and transformation.

Water, too, plays a vital role in this symphony of life, its fluidity reflecting the constant ebb and flow of existence. And woven into the fabric of our daily lives is the presence of the divine, infusing each moment with the potential for miracles and transcendence.

In essence, this belief system is a celebration of love – an acknowledgement of our interconnectedness with all beings and with the divine. It invites us to live consciously, with every thought and action imbued with purpose and intention. So let us embrace this sacred path wholeheartedly, for in its embrace lies the promise of spiritual fulfilment, radiant vitality and a profound sense of interconnectedness with all of creation.

Jai Guru Dev