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Bliss Booths

Bliss Booths

“Odyssey Magazine is about an adventure in more conscious living. Its name signifies a quest – a journey of exploration and discovery… the open-endedness of the inner journey.”

The butterfly is a metaphor for our quest, our journey, and our odyssey.

A butterfly starts its life as a very small egg on the leaf of a plant as Odyssey did over four decades ago 7.7.1977.  It then hatches into a caterpillar, eating and eating until it’s just the right weight. Once it has grown enough, as Odyssey did until January 2013, it forms a cocoon, resting gently. Odyssey also rested, with only a small digital presence, until it re-emerged into a gorgeous butterfly, when it awakened from its slumber and returned to print 9.7.2019.

Odyssey now spreads its beautiful wings reaching far and wide; sharing wisdom and inspiration with readers in response to a universal awakening.


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