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Crystals for Every-Day Living

by | Holistic Living, Print Articles, Summer 2021

Words Alanha Prior

Crystals and massage. Massage helps to loosen tense muscles, release toxins and promotes healing of the physical body. The essential oils that are used during massage promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Adding crystals to the massage would only deepen, enhance and amplify the effects of the massage. Crystals are a very powerful source of high vibrational energy that can be used to assist in releasing negative energies as well as protecting the energy field. Each crystal has its very own unique vibration and they assist in deep healing of not only the body, but the mind and the spirit too. Tumbled / polished smooth crystals can be used to massage certain areas of the body that are stressed, or the entire body can be massaged.  Massage does not have to be done solely on the physical body. You can also do an auric massage whereby you massage in the aura only, removing any stagnant energy from the aura, being guided by the crystal and your intuition at all times. Although crystals have their own innate healing properties, it is important to take some time to set your intention with your stone to help you connect with its energy.

Placing crystals on the body. Crystals can be placed on the body on the chakras to stimulate the person’s own ‘life force energy’ and assist in re-aligning and releasing of energies that are stagnant or stuck, preventing the flow of energy to the chakras (energy centres). This can have a very calming, relaxing and grounding effect on the body, mind and spirit, bringing one back into balance and alignment.  You can leave these crystals on the body for 20-30 minutes or for as long as you feel guided to do so.

Placing crystals around the body. Crystals can be placed around the body. If you are feeling stressed and have had a really rough day, choose a few crystals that you are drawn to and place them intuitively on the bed around your physical body. Close your eyes and take a few deep, relaxing breaths and release any tension and stress as you allow the crystals to work with your energy field and energy centres. Keeping your mind open to the healing opportunities that crystals provide. Do this for at least 10 minutes. The stillness can bring you back to your natural state. Allow your mind to become as still as your body.

Cleansing crystals. It is very important to cleanse and purify crystals after purchasing them and before and after using them for healing.  Regularly cleansing and re-charging your stones is the only way to restore your crystal to its natural state. There are various ways in which you can cleanse crystals. You can use incense and let the smoke run through and around the crystal. You can hold crystals under running water, a river or stream to cleanse them, but some crystals cannot be placed in water as they may fall apart. You can cleanse them with sound by placing them in a singing bowl (this way you can cleanse many crystals at once). My favourite is to place them in a glass bowl of brown rice, allowing the rice to absorb any unwanted energy.  To re-energise crystals, place them under the full moon to absorb the beauty and light from the moon and re-charge them with loving healing energies. Placing your crystals in semi-sun for a short while also helps to energise them.  You can also place your crystals on a cluster to be cleansed by the energy of the cluster.  You need to cleanse your crystal jewellery after every time that you wear it. Crystals absorb and hold on to energies that they come into contact with during you working day. You can keep a clear quartz cluster on your dressing table and, when you take your jewellery off at the end of the day, place it on the cluster to be cleansed. It also looks stunning and brings beautiful energy into the room.

Alanha Prior is a Reiki master teacher and practitioner and owner of Energencia Academy; she teaches various types of Reiki, crystal healing and facilitates spiritual workshops. She is passionate about healing and helping people find their true inner healer and strength to alchemise their own lives and to be who they were born to be. She is a crystal lover who enjoys sharing the beautiful energies they bring to our everyday lives. For more info: www.energencia.co.za email: [email protected]