Suvira Ramlall – 3 Books

Valid until 31st of May 2024

As a society we are consumed by our external reality – we can post pictures on social media all day about intimate details of what we are wearing, eating or doing…and to express our feelings, we have an ever-increasing bank of emojis, memes and stickers. Mental and emotional literacy levels are low because they pertain to abstract, very subjective experiences that happen behind the human eyes, relating to our inner world of thoughts, cognitive functions, feelings, values, meaning and identity. In modern day language, this inner world is the software that is not some insignificant aspect of our identity and existence, it is our very identity. And just as we regularly receive prompts that a software update is due on our phones or computers, life sends us regular reminders that inner change and growth are needed. This workbook helps effect that change.


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