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the fear of being without your smart phone and mobile connectivity

by | From Debra’s Desk

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    “We cannot escape from the influence of modern technology,” says Dr Marlena Kruger, founder of the TechnolifeWise Foundation and digital wellness coach.  “Many technological advancements have a positive influence in the ways that we work and learn. Unfortunately, there are also many negative influences, especially on our children’s natural learning and development, and overall health and happiness.”

    Another prevalent condition is nomophobia, or the fear of being without your smart phone and mobile connectivity. It is a psychological condition linked to your attachment to your smartphone. Signs that you suffer from nomophobia include feelings of fear when you are detached from your cell phone and connectivity and over the top reactions when your phone is not charged. How do you react when your cell phone is not charged? Or if you don’t get a signal on your cell phone?

    Physical symptoms include anxiety, respiratory alterations, trembling, perspiration, disorientation, agitation, and tachycardia.

Multiples studies already say that this condition may affect already way more than 50% of mobile phone users.

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