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Our Spiritual Selves, Thoughts and the Brain

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Autumn 2022, Conscious Living, Thought Leaders | 0 comments

“Aboriginal cultures do not make the usual distinctions among rocks, air and humans; all are imbued with spirit, the invisible energy. Doesn’t this sound familiar? This is the world of quantum physics, in which matter and energy are completely entangled.” – Bruce Lipton PhD: The Biology of Belief.

Recently, while visiting Jenny Davis, whose friendship dates back to our teenage years, I learned that, during what one would consider to be a minor operation, she had had a near death experience (NDE)

The point in illustrating Jenny’s NDE is that it clearly validates the fact that consciousness is a spiritual effect associated with astral projection. I needed to know how to explain this in terms of scientific research.
Jenny’s experience was explicit – no tunnels, lights or entry into heaven. At my request she wrote it down – a pure unadulterated experience while clinically dead.

Jenny recalls that the nurse was very business-like and got her ready on the operating table. The operation did not warrant an anaesthetic, so she remained fully conscious during the whole procedure. When the nurse began to separate her legs and strap them up she became extremely agitated and cried out trying to stop her: “No, no, oh no. This can’t be happening – no, no!”

“Nobody heard me; they took no notice – of course not – I realised I was in the silent zone – what was happening to me was extremely stressful and I was no longer in my body. Worse was to come – my legs were strapped up and separated. I felt like a trussed turkey only I couldn’t squawk. I couldn’t look at the doctor for fear of appearing idiotic, but then I was past all feeling and fell into the silent realm again. By this time the doctor had finished his part of the business – the coil was planted and I should have been whirled away – but my breathing got heavier and heavier – then shallower and shallower – then nothing but blissful silence. Jenny said she knew that she was in good hands and had full confidence in her doctor.

“I heard the nurse say she couldn’t feel a pulse. I could hear the alarm in her voice. Then the other nurse tried, but in vain. I could see them all, as if from a great distance. The doctor was very calm and asked for something. The next thing he injected me, explaining to the nurses that it was as close to my heart as possible.

“Then the matron of the hospital entered. She took in the situation, nodded and left. At that moment I gave a huge gasp and my breathing returned to normal.

“Quickly and very gently I was wheeled to a ward. On the way we passed several nurses who smiled and said how glad they were to see me as everyone was told that there had been a terrible incident in the theatre and that I had died. The whole hospital was in a state of shock.

“Once in the ward, I asked for some strong tea with sugar. A nurse kept a beady eye on me until I said I was fit to go home.”

In the early seventies, after a dear friend drowned, I wanted to know whether our consciousness lives on after death. After studying Sylvan Mundoon’s book on Astral Projection, I succeeded in inducing an out-of-body walkabout, accepting the experience as being in my etheric body.

Intrigued, by Jenny’s NDE account, I found an excellent article by Dr Michael Egnor, a professor of neurosurgery and a contributor to Mind Matters News.

Dr Egnor recalls that one of his colleagues, whom he described as a cynical neurosurgeon, had told him that he could not comprehend how a child patient’s NDE account described the operation accurately. Reports from people being aware of what is happening around them during their near death experiences, later verified, give some sense of how the mind works in relation to the brain. This justifies the main thrust of Dr Egnor’s article, which supports Robert Epstein’s hypothesised theory, that the brain is a transducer.

Dr Epstein, the former editor-in-chief of Psychology Today magazine, is a senior research psychologist. His theory that the brain is a transducer, enabling thoughts which are electrical signals carrying information, to be heard and visualised by our five physical senses, is supported by researched facts described in ‘Mind is the Builder’, Odyssey MiniMag 3, 2019: ‘The Bose-Einstein condensate enables thoughts to be drawn and deposited between the Universal Zero Point Field and the brain through its microtubules and dendrites in much the same way as data is transmitted along fibre optic cables to and from satellites.’

Information and perception are electromagnetic signals contained within the thought processes of our spiritual vibrations. As Debra Stevens Robins points out, many scientists do not understand or acknowledge this aspect exists. In her shared notes on the ‘Four Body System – Physical, Emotional, Mental and Astral’, she explained that the astral layer is the “most outside ring in our ‘incarnate’ aura or energy field. It bridges the incarnate spirit with the ‘discarnate’ or spirit being. It connects us to all things, including the earth/self, to what we call God, the universe, the beyond, the divine, and higher self. It is the spiritual intersection between our physical incarnation on the earth plane and our ‘God’ Spark (or Mahatma Energy.)”

Dr Lipton experienced, what I call his Scientific Damascus Conversion while reviewing the mechanics of the cell membrane and trying to get a grasp of how it worked as an information processing system. He describes his experience as having had a moment of insight on realising that the cell membrane was a homologue of a computer chip and was shown to be a structural functional equivalent of a silicon chip.

Dr Lipton believes that, in physics and cell research, the latest discoveries are forging new links between the worlds of Science and Spirit. In 1985 Twelve years before BA Cornell and Associates demonstrated that not only does the cell membrane ‘look’ like a chip but it also acts like a chip
A microchip is the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the computer. It is the computer’s brain. With regard to the cell’s membrane, it is the CPU for both its brain and its heart.

Computer operators’ emotions are not processed by the CPU whereas, in the case of the cell’s CPU, it is automatically attuned to its individual environment, both physical and emotional. This means that we, as the programmers, need to ensure that the cell’s environment is healthy and emotionally sound.

Feeling down or depressed, check your mood. As the ‘operator’ in control of your biological cellular CPUs, you can uplift your spirits with thoughts of gratitude, kindness and meaningful activities.

Bon Voyage,

Jill Iggulden-Stevens is the founding editor of Odyssey Magazine and one of the Odyssey Thought Leaders: Pioneer, seeker, teacher, storyteller and sage.

Jill Iggulden-Stevens

Jill Iggulden-Stevens

Odyssey‘s Founding Editor

“Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it serves me well – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nevertheless, following one’s dreams certainly has its ups and downs, be it during ‘nine’ lives or several. On the Up Side, experience is a wise teacher and, when tuning in to our lessons, we can share with each other, bringing comfort and joy – while still around.”