The awakening soul of southern africa

A great Light is radiating here and now over South Africa. A flood of cosmic power is being transmitted into the subtle ethers from the higher spiritual planes of Being. The soul of the people is awakening to a new age divine effulgence. Here, there and everywhere, people are responding to the call of the soul to raise their consciousness and come up higher.

The dynamic challenge of the living Creative Fire of the Absolute is piecing through the veils of human ignorance – inherited, conditioned and self-imposed ignorance – of the truths of Being. The very centre of Man’s innermost self is exploding into the new age Light.

Aquarius, the sign of the Son of Man, is breaking across the horizon of the human mind revealing a new age vision of resplendent beauty, high spiritual purpose and glorious promise.

South Africa is destined to ride the crest of the wave of testing and prove herself to be triumphant. The Soul of the people of South Africa will arise to heights of achievement and fulfillment beyond the wildest dreams of its most enlightened sons and daughters. No matter what the current situation, this land, this corner of the African continent, is destined to shine forth like a multi-faceted diamond of truth radiant in promise for all its people.

Press on, O soul of my people your goal is high and noble, your destiny great. Keep your inner eye clearly focused upon eternal spiritual verities. Let not your hearts be troubled – you are stronger than you think your souls are greater than your personalities. There is no time for sleep, no time for waiting, no room for lethargy, and no need for procrastination. Your time in eternity has come.

Arise now, O stirring soul – Awake, my people of South Africa – AWAKE!

From a transmission given by soul telepathy through Dr Joseph Busby,

SUN Centre School of Esoteric Philosophy

Published in Odyssey 1994

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