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Uncovering the truth behind women’s health

Times have changed so dramatically and, although I am not suggesting reverting back to the ‘Dark Ages’, the role of women in world society has been eroded beyond recognition, with an insane disregard to the value they can deliver in keeping balance within humanity as a whole and healing our world.

Why! No longer are women the primary health givers of the family, they hold stressful positions to make ends meet within the family unit, they are the homemakers, they are the educators and emotional supporters within a family unit and most of all they are the ones that give birth to our next generations. Their energy is spread so thin it is no wonder women’s ill health is escalating at the rate it is.
With high demand on women’s ability play so many roles, the original true value of family health and wellbeing has taken backstage, as has women’s health. Women can and are very able to do so much but, if we have look at the true role of origin within our family ethos, it has been lost in the struggle to cope financially, emotionally and physically with the high pressure of the new age of fast living.

As the demand on women’s energy increases, the only way forward for most is quick fixes, not only for themselves but the whole family. According to the World Health Organisation, 76 per cent of women are reliant on prescription drugs, yet with very little reprieve or benefit being derived, with percentages only increasing in ill health worldwide. Prescription drugs are not only expensive but are fraught with a variety of side effects that can be more dangerous than the original condition suffered from. It is also a known fact that pharmaceutical drugs are not meant to treat symptoms; they suppress symptoms, only hiding the original core issue and, in most cases, prolonging the ability to recover and heal permanently. This syndrome has become known as ‘The One Pill One Ill Syndrome’.

Unfortunately, even our natural health sector has taken on this syndrome in the attempt to entice the public to convert to more natural or organic modalities and products. This is unfortunate as the deep-seated conditioning in the public demands a quick fix. Women can become the primary drivers to convert to more natural solutions that not only benefit her health but the whole family’s as well. Reducing toxic chemicals and products in diets, beauty, and personal hygiene regime is an excellent starting point to convert to sustainable and healthy living.

The term ‘holistic’ derived from the ancient Greek term ‘holos’, has been buried by the overuse of quick fixes and stress-related demands. The holistic approach should deal with the physical form as a whole entity and not parts thereof, understanding that everything is interlinked within our physical form and to attempt to heal only one aspect is fruitless and insane.

Women’s health issues have been written and spoken about ad nauseam and many natural remedies and products have been suggested for a huge variety of ailments and diseases. But very few have dealt with the original cause of the breakdown in women’s health from the ancient healing methods of integrating body, mind and spirit treating each individual as a whole naturally to more recent linear allopathic methods.

In the ancient times women held the highest position in respect and honour; simply put, they were the breeders, educators, nurturers and the actual glue that created the family fabric of balanced living and harmony. Their positions in humanity were regarded as the highest of value as they were the future of all of civilisation. Today children bring themselves up, are handed over to organisation to educate, train and mould them into a uniform society that can be controlled and manipulated. The education curriculum is standard and, even if a woman’s belief structure differs, there is no other recourse but to educate and allow outside influence to mould her children.

The morality of generations is not moulded by women any more but by governments and society; women are regarded as lesser and have to provide financially as well as fulfil all the other so-called traditional roles expected of them. We can sugar-coat this any way you wish, to and say we have come a long way. In the opinion of the writer I am convinced, through countless consultations, healings and health issue consults over 10 or more years, that the origin of ill health in women is because we have lost the value of the original role women are meant to perform in society. The position of mother alone does not hold the same impetus and value as it did in ancient times. Women were the most educated in fields of knowledge, they handed down from generation to generation the ancient tools and gifts of morality, health, spiritual balance, harmony, life skills and much more to the new generations. How many ancient gifts and tools have, over the centuries, been lost due to the fact that the role of women has been bastardised.

The core issue of women’s ill health is the inability to determine exactly where she fits in, what her true role is and how, without the generations of women before her, knowledge can be revitalised so she can find the tools to balance herself and her family. The roles in society have been badly skewed to benefit the few and not the whole family unit.

Today we see the results of this lost treasure called ‘Women’s Role’, with crime, morality, love, balance, unification and harmony being lost to a society that has no true value for the true treasures in life any more. The most important elements of life and life skills are no longer passed down or taught; women no longer hold the prestigious role in the family and ensure the protection and safety of our future. Right now we are a lost humanity. Only in recent years has the awakening in us begun to reconnect with ancient tools, ancient simple ways of living, cleaner environments and love of ourselves and the world.
Only when we can revert back to simple, balanced living with the intention of understanding the value of the feminine energy and the humongously important role it has to play, will we be able to balance women’s health naturally. Women should be encouraged to reduce work hours to be available to band their family together, work smarter not harder, bring back true values that have sustainable value and impetus, reduce social and electronic connection, encourage family activities, return to the role of educators of their children, create time to study the ancient arts of nutrition, herbalism, natural vs. chemical and, most importantly of all, time for herself to heal, balance and connect to the true role of womanhood. By encouraging these changes, family units will heal and we will become as we were meant to be, beings that can live harmoniously, respecting all life and all energy and, in so doing, heal our world.

Only then will we see the vastness and value of what true balance is again and women will no longer have the mental, physical and emotional illness and discordant energies they have to deal with today. Living simply instead of surviving is key to returning the balance to the world stage.

Desiree Campher

Herba Farmacy’s commitment is empowerment through dissemination of information and education in the herbal health field. Our ethos is directed through self-help, self-health, motivating every person to regain the lost knowledge of God’s Pharmacy, the art of DIY Herbalism and Culinary Herbalism by application into every aspect of their lives.