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Odyssey’s Autumn Edition #245 explores ‘Conscious Choices’.
We all want to live well. But sometimes it’s hard-going: The media, our fast-paced society, technology and the responsibilities of daily life… It can be an overwhelming realisation that true wellness comes from within. In this edition we explore ‘Conscious Choices, the Power of Self-Awareness’, ‘Eco-Habitats, a Lifestyle Choice’ and ‘Wellness Travel’ alongside all of our regular segments. Going forward we will bring you a new and innovative segment in which explore ‘Wellness within’ and all of its facets. We first have to attain wellness within, in order to experience optimal wellbeing for our unique body and being, essential for living an engaged, happy and fulfilled life. We know you will enjoy reading this autumn 2024 edition as much as we enjoyed crafting it for you.


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