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Winter 2024 #246 – A tree cannot survive winter without healthy roots and neither can we. ‘Wellness Within’ is under the spotlight and we also feature ‘Cannabis Therapy’ in this bumper edition. Winter invites deeper reflection and is an opportunity to rest and reconnect with what’s vital in our lives. This edition’s wellness insets and features not only offer ways to enable our immune systems to thrive but also promotes wellness in all areas of our lives. We explore ‘Wealth Wellness’, asking, ‘Do you Money Well’? Winter lends itself to rest and reconnection to what is vital to each of our lives, offering us an opportunity to choose to be in alignment with our own soul’s journey. We share ‘The Energy of our Thoughts and Words’ and invite you to travel with us on ‘Wellness Wild Retreats’ and discover leading ’Retreating Places and Spaces’. August is also the KwazuluSpirit Festival, hosted by Odyssey Magazine, and the full programme is inside this edition. Join us this winter for a personal journey of discovery.


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