In the ‘Hello Summer’ 2021 issue #232 we focus on ‘Letting Go’ with detachment, surrender and forgiveness; tapping into the universal abundance that is available to all of us. 

Our features include Summer Sun Savvy and the changing role of fathers breaking traditional moulds in our segment on ‘Gender-free Parenting’. Odyssey Magazine also caught up with songstress Zolani Mahola the #GiveHerACrown campaign ambassador and chatted to her about how we can make a difference in the fight against gender-based violence and femicide in South Africa.
Eco-destinations, green travel and sustainable, healthful travel choices now rank as the most sought after vacation options for 2021. In our Summer Edition,

Greetings fellow travellers

Our theme for this edition is ‘Summoning the Sun’. Illumination is the key, it’s time to shine.
Spring is here and summer beckons. Lockdowns are being lifted globally with many freedoms restored. A new spirit of hope is filling our conversations and our lives.

The sun is the great and universal symbol of the Higher Self, the manifestation of the Divine and the central source of light and life within the soul. Now is the time to embrace the indomitable resilience of the human spirit.

In this edition we feature ‘Get into the Best Shape of your Life”
Have you put on more kilos than you would like this year? Did lockdown enable you to embark on new health and fitness routines at home? No matter what the answers are, we need to accept that we all have different ways of coping in times of great change and comfort eating and drinking are common ways to manage uncomfortable feelings and experiences. Most of us know about the health risks in being very underweight or overweight long-term and, at the same time, there are a multitude of underlying reasons for ‘weight issues’.

I do wonder, though, what impact self-advocacy, connecting to our own inner light and offering self-kindness, with a letting go of self-judgment, would have on this whole area of our lives? In this issue a variety of thought leaders share their perspectives on the self and living your best life, shaping it holistically: Physically, mentally (emotionally) and spiritually.

For many it might have felt counter-intuitive to start a business during lockdown but many new opportunities for businesses have sprung up, forward thinking changes have been made to many existing businesses. Many new and exciting initiatives have been born.

During lockdown The Daily Maverick, like Odyssey Magazine two years ago, announced that they too are going ‘Back to the Future’ of print. A survey of more than 30 000 digital consumers/readers in the 2019 BrandMapp survey revealed that 81 per cent of readers, still regularly read print media. Daily Maverick confirmed that digital readers could only consume five per cent of their content. This was compounded by a doubling of screen time for most folk in the past few months. They found there was “deep desire” by readers not to have to “crook one’s neck while thumbing aimlessly into an endless scroll abyss on a tiny screen.” They went on to say: “How many times do we catch ourselves viscerally longing for weekend reads in bed over coffee… the moments that are truly special and should not be polluted by staccato glancing at our mobile screens?

Yes! We launched our online smartphone-enabled magazine during lockdown and we do have a digital flipbook for every edition. As the foremost holistic and conscious lifestyle magazine in southern Africa, we know that excessive screen-time can impair brain structure and function and a print option for our readers is imperative. Our flagship product is and will remain our collectible print magazine.

Enjoy, this our collective Odyssey, our journey together

All love, Debra

Debra Robins

Savvy and insightful, Debra is the publisher and editor of Odyssey Magazine. Author, wordsmith and natural remedy consultant, Debra brings together extensive expertise in both corporate and personal wellbeing and combines this with her passion to uplift personal and planetary wellness through the power of words.

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