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The Holly Space was created out of acknowledging the need for bringing people together to connect and share their transformation from all areas of life.

The Holly Space offers a diverse range of dynamic services for our clients. We create a safe space for our clients to experience transformational benefits in a range of unique and creative services. In addition to the Three Container Holistic Integration, we offer one-on-one counselling, process groups and a range of interactive, healing and intimate workshops privately, in corporate, for doctors and halfway houses. We know that, despite people having been placed in boxes, we all struggle with similar complexes and fears.

We are launching our one-of-a-kind Three Container Holistic Integration aimed at guiding individuals to reintegrate confidently back into society after experiencing the destructive cycle of substance and alcohol abuse. We understand that the problem was never in the bottle or substance, but rather in the experience of our clients. We know that, with courage and determination, self-destructive cycles can be halted by accessing and changing the behaviour, thought patterns, perspectives and belief systems that cause our clients to experience life negatively.

The Three Container Holistic Integration is a nine-month programme that is divided into three-month intervals. The Three Containers was designed in a structured format and deals with an ordered list of topics in process groups over nine months. At the completion of the programme, we will conduct a fun and relaxing celebratory retreat. Our guides are there to walk the path with our clients through transformative dialogue in a planned movement through these topics.

Weekly there are two groups for our clients to connect with each other and develop a support structure. The first group is a topic group and the second is a gestalt group. We offer counselling sessions once a week. Meditative movement is scheduled once a week so that our clients have an opportunity to access themselves with a deeper understanding. We then walk them through a fun and exhilarating experience through a process of soul-focused art where they are able to create works with Encaustic Art or Soulful Art. Included in the package is a homeopathy consultation once a month so that they are able to recalibrate their physical needs. There is also a structured course of 12 transformative coaching sessions for our clients with our skilled transformational coach.