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Transformation, to the Journey of Self

by | Autumn 2023, Digitorials

Kamala is ancient Sanskrit meaning ‘Lotus’, symbolising the Divine. That means transformation, which is at the core of the service offered.

As the old saying goes, when you know better, do better.

This company was founded by Cerise in 2020, a time when we were all part of a global pandemic and, like many others, we began on a path of our very own transformation, deep healing and understanding of who we truly are. Through my own journey I humbly sit and resonate with each of you who are reading this. I understand that it’s not easy, that there are days when the old patterns, the trauma, the ancestral wounds rise to the surface and you want to throw the towel in. I am here to tell you that is when you go deeper.

I am an energy healer medicine woman and the transformation journey is one where your vibration will rise and you will resonate in a world of the higher frequency of unconditional love. I can now recognise that my greatest gift has been the loss during this Earth walk, however it is my connection to Divine, which is within.

Each of us can relate to loss, be it the loss of a parent, a child, being abused as a child, a divorce, friendships, homes etc. but when you break free from the prisons you build of shame, anger, fear, no self-worth, you can finally unshackle yourself and forgive from unconditional love and gratitude for this gift and rise above it.

Having that empowerment is life-changing because, in the present and with discernment, you can decide which wolf to feed.

Working with energy you can begin, holistically and with intention, to reset your body, your mind and you can be eternally free. When your frequency is at its natural state, with the same tone of the heart chakra and Mother Earth, you are at one with all of relations and Divine Consciousness.

The question you may be asking is what makes this transformation journey different and, simply put, it’s because this is medicine for your personal frequency.

During the discovery session a series of scans will be run using AO scan technology, which is an elegant yet simple technology that communicates with the body via subtle bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals that guide you toward homeostasis – the natural state of balance. You will also be asked to complete a series of questions, this along with the report of your personal frequencies compared to that of the 120 000 blueprint frequencies will highlight the energy blockages, where a unique programme is created.

Over the seven or 12-week transformation journey, we will unpack that which no longer serves you and which holds you back from living a life that you deserve. There will be many teachings to bring into your daily life and other modalities are offered to assist you: Meditation, breathwork, energy healing or sound healing, while continual AO scan technology is used to track the change physically and energetically, resulting in a holistic approach to healing.

Although based in Cape Town for one-on-one sessions, this is available to all using mobile AO scan technology with sessions held over Zoom.

I am here to hold sacred space while, together, we will walk, until you are safely home, where your heart is.

To book an appointment visit: www.kamala-guru.com or email [email protected]