<em>Lyn Spirit Eagle lives in Hogsback with her partner and two wolves. Her initiation into the walking of two worlds came via a black widow spider about 25 years ago. This unfolded into being apprenticed to Ai Gvardhi Waya, in Arizona. Her specialised training is Soul Retrieval and Extraction. Lyn has also trained with and assisted Mikkal, her shaman spirit brother, from <a href="http://crowsnestshamanism.com/"> <button style="color: blue;">crowsnestshamanism</button> </a> USA. Lyn is also an artist and teaches movement. </em>To contact Lyn: <em> <a href="http://Lyn.spazaspace.com/"> <button style="color: blue;">Lyn.spazaspace.com</button> </a></em> <em> <a href="mailto:lyn.edgewalker@gmail.com"> <button style="color: blue;">Email</button></a></em>
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