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WATSU® – Recharge Getaways

by | Digitorials, Spring 2023

A homecoming to Self, through water exploration.

Has the fast-paced living of modern times been affecting your health? Do you feel the need to stop the world for a moment to catch up with yourself and your life? Do you feel disconnected from yourself? 

The current status quo in our world is one of dysregulation, dysfunction and disengagement from ourselves and each other.

As social herd beings, we need to connect with others for our own safety and well-being, to thrive and share our own unique gifts with the world. Science confirms the need for our nervous systems to be regulated and coherent, in order for us to heal and be whole, which is an innate ability for each of us. 

What does coherence mean?

The HeartMath Institute has been studying the effects of the heart for more than 30 years, and with over 500 peer-reviewed research articles, we now know that our heart is SO much more than just a pump moving blood around the body. The heart has more neural connections to the brain than the brain has to the heart. This means that the heart informs the brain!

What is WATSU®?

A warm water aquatic bodywork modality, where one’s body is being supported in warm water, while a trained, qualified and skilled practitioner guides and listens to exactly what your body is asking for in the moment, whether it is a stretch, a moment of stillness, a sense of dancing or swinging, a wave of deeply held emotion, a sense of playfulness, of joy, or deep grieving – no matter what the story is your body is telling, the practitioner is there to listen, support and allow the releases, without question or explanation.

WATSU® SA is bringing this water modality to KZN in March and August 2024!

21 – 24 March 2024 – A WATSU® Homecoming at Pumula Retreat, South Coast, KZN

Treat yourself to 3 nights and 4 days of self-discovery and re-connection while being in nature, nourished with delicious, healthy vegetarian food and nurturing a connection to self, through experiencing and exploring how your body moves during WATSU® and other exploratory immersive water sessions. 

The buoyancy of water, the feeling of weightlessness, support and freedom, allows your body to move in a flowing, outwardly expressive, or inwardly reflective moments of stillness, supported by rhythmic, slow movements, inducing a very deep sense of homecoming to your own body and being.

During this retreat you will experience how it feels, and learn how to create, a regulated, harmonious, coherent state of being, creating the opportunity to engage and reboot your own healing. 

9-11 August 2024 – WATSU® SA will be offering WATSU® sessions during the KZN Spirit Festival – sign up to our newsletter to find out more:watsusa.co.za

For the full program and other upcoming events please visit our website at www.watsusa.co.za/retreats

Interested in becoming a practitioner? E-mail us at [email protected]

WATSU® – International Certification, regulated by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association). WATSU® training is offered in South Africa, by the only WATSU® Instructor in Africa, Adele Pudney.