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A Journey to Personal Wellness Becomes an Epic Adventure in Planetary Healing

by | Autumn 2021, Green Living, Print Articles

“It was early hours of the morning of 9.8.2014 when I woke up in ICU. I find it quite ironic that it was Women’s Day but, with hindsight, rather fitting for what happened next.”


I was a passenger in a vehicle when the driver lost control and rolled off-of the highway, where I was flung 15 metres from the vehicle. The only thing that I remember is waking up in hospital in excruciating pain. I had broken my neck, had fractures in my back as well as blood on my brain. Two days later, the neurosurgeon had given my family the news that I had a 40 per cent chance of surviving the accident and, if I survived, there was a 50 per cent chance that I would be paralysed. 

I had made peace with death. I woke up after the operation, again in agony but alive and with movement. I had decided that, from that day forward, I would make my second chance at life a noteworthy one. Time was and still is precious to me, so I decided to start my dream business.
After establishing an organisation that helps others start and grow businesses, I came across an eco-product which would change many lives. A new passion for the environment and eco-friendly living had started in me. In 2019 I decided that it was time for me to make an impact, to help people and our planet be healthier. I began to offer eco-friendly and environmentally friendly products with the majority of them being locally owned and manufactured.
The inspiration came from pit toilet powder and the devastating statistics of diseases and even death from pit toilets/latrines. There are over 6 500 toilets within South Africa with an average of four children dying monthly from falling inside them. They are currently being ’cleaned’ with acid, which is not only terrible for health, but the acid goes into the ground affecting nature and potentially our water supply.
On this journey I have been exposed to the extremely harmful side effects of chemical products as well. Some of the most harmful products include air fresheners, bleach and ammonia. Their side-effects include physical problems and even cancer. Our range of products allows you to replace all of these harmful products to keep you, your family and even your pets healthy.

Most of us are not aware of the facts and I have made it my mission to educate people and offer them an alternative. Our products have had amazing results, better than standard chemical products and this includes removing petrol stains and pre-cleaning surgical equipment.

You know, I thought it was ironic that my accident was on Women’s Day but the irony continued when, after the accident, my body just didn’t accept any unhealthy food or drinks. I live on a vegan diet and I’ve never felt better; I can definitely say that living this lifestyle has increased my motivation to educate and help people to be healthier and happier.
The business has been growing beautifully but, in true Natalie style, I made the decision to expand it further. I’m sure you can all agree that load shedding and water restrictions can be frustrating. We now offer a turnkey solution to help you go off-grid with solar solutions, gas conversions, water harvesting, composting and growing your own vegetables and fruit.
It may be overwhelming to switch to eco and off-grid living but make one change at a time; progress is the key and knowledge is power, so it’s important to know the facts and best solutions for your needs.

“Having gone through the rollercoaster ride of my accident, taking the leap of faith to start my business and then a second one, I absolutely love life and will strive to make a difference.” Natalie


Natalie Gunther

Natalie Gunther is the founding owner of Clean Africa Eco. They offer green-living solutions with reseller and distribution options available to like-minded people and enterprises who can join in the quest to make a difference. Get in touch for more information [email protected]