A Message from the Guides

“Your earthly world is undergoing a series of profound and unprecedented energy shifts, the likes of which have never before been felt in the earthly plane. It is a time of turmoil and brings challenges that shake the core values of society, creating endless new possibilities for human society and the ability to work together with both animal and plant kingdom at a level that has never before been possible on Mother Earth.

But energy shifts at such intense levels create imbalances and make individuals feel that they cannot or do not know how to cope.
Every individual incarnated into the earth-plane has a team of guides who work together with them from spirit world and in our work as Spirit Guides, we bring together the opportunity for you, as an individual, to connect with your own Spirit Guides to bring you guidance, new perspectives, hope and encouragement where you may feel you have none of these available.

Setting time aside to explore new possibilities is now not only important but essential and meditation will become the most important tool you can have in dealing with your daily earthly life.

We would remind you that none walks alone on their earthly journey and, even while the physical and emotional portions that are you and connect with your spirit-self may feel out of balance and dismayed by ever-growing challenges, your spirit-self is thriving, growing and expanding with the knowledge that it gains as you progress through your earthly existence.

You are loved unconditionally by those who have been assigned to you as Spirit Guides – because these guides are aware that you are created in total perfection – each thought you have, each word you speak, each action you take … all are designed to have a specific effect on the energy around you. You are who you are meant to be – always!

Each week in your world brings changing energy and if you have an awareness of the prevalent energy of the week, then you have access to knowledge that most in your world are unaware of – and meditating with that energy in mind will profoundly change your life for the better.

Meet Theresa Walstra
Spirit medium with three decades of experience and working with her Spirit Guides to provide insights, healing and teaching to clients around the world. Together with her guides, Theresa has published the book, The Mechanics of Mediumship (which provides information about how Spirit Guides work with us on the earth-plane) as well as the book, Beloved Friend, a book co-authored by Cindy Glass and Theresa’s guides.

Besides private 30-minute consultations, the guides provide teaching and healing in the form of guided meditations which can be found on the Teachable platform: https://theresawalstra.teachable.com/

Coupon Arrow (https://theresawalstra.teachable.com/purchase?product_id=2424314) to book a private 30-minute online consultation with Spirit Guides at a 20 per cent discount exclusive to Odyssey Magazine for the rest of 2020.

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