A Timeless Story – Egypt 1378-1393

by | Holistic Living, Print Articles, Winter 2024

“The industry had been thriving for years and the farmers and their families were reaping considerable profits from the green herb that grew like a weed. The merchants were swelling the villages with new shops and buildings, and all were flourishing from this plant that gave freely of its medicine and mysticism alike.

But the ancient Egyptian government still did not like this plant that gave people visions of freedom and oneness, and they began to crack down once again. Growers and merchants could afford to bribe the officials, and so for a while it was back to business as usual. Until 1378 CE, that is, when an order came down to destroy the hemp fields once and for all. But this time, the farmers united and chose to resist. The governor sent troops into the fields intent on total decimation.

Determined to preserve their livelihoods, the farmers secured their fields, and the troops were forced to back off and eventually decided to place the whole area under siege and hopefully starve the growers into submission.

The people held out for several months, but the soldiers finally broke through the village defenses and there was no alternative but to capitulate. The valley was placed under martial law. They torched the fields, placed many towns under strict surveillance, and razed others to the ground. They shuttered local cannabis cafes and hashish kiosks. Proprietors of these businesses were hunted down and killed. Patrons of these shops and all known hashish users were assembled in the town squares, and in full view of all the townspeople, soldiers wrenched out their teeth.

However, by 1393 CE, the hashish business would once again come back and thrive. Because you can’t keep a good herb down! It is a good and mighty thing that you can’t keep a good herb down”

CE stands for ‘Common Era’ and it refers to the same years as AD does.