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Abundance Is Your Natural State

by | Conscious Living, Print Articles, Summer 2020

I follow the teachings of Adamus, an aspect of St Germain. Recently he was uncompromising and stern in reprimanding anyone who was not in the flow of abundance and actually told them to leave the group. For most of us, this issue is around money. He went on to say he is just not interested any longer: “Get over it or get out!” He said he has spoken about it over the years ad nauseam and those who had not cracked their abundance issues were a drag on the rest who are near to the self-realisation. He made it clear that if we are still in fear of lack of money we are adding to the duality of the ‘have’ and ‘have nots’ on the planet.

It is a hard issue to heal and perhaps one of the finales before enlightenment. It has come to the fore at this time as many have had no income over the weeks of lockdown. For many the fears, anxiety and distress are caused by deep programming from past lives. Many of us have had past incarnations in religious orders, both east and west, in which poverty was seen as a virtue. All karma is balancing so it is likely we also had lives of great wealth in which we abused and deprived others! The issue of poverty in our consciousness needs treating like any other issue. We have to clear it and sometimes it takes sustained and dedicated attention. This certainly applies to me. I have entrenched patterns. As soon as the thought of lack comes now I say “I AM that I AM” and place myself in the vortex of creation which surrounds each one of us and is intrinsic to the I AM Presence in which all needs and requirements are abundantly served. I have found I am increasingly able to attune to the fullness of abundance and it changes my frequency immediately from restriction and limitation to one of expansiveness and complete trust.
A dear friend has truly cracked the money issue. It flows in her life in a way that it should for all of us. It brings her travel, beautiful environments, gorgeous clothes – to mention a few – and her generosity it legendary. It has not been comfortable to see the projections of others. “Oh, it’s all right for you. You’ve got everything”, “You have it easy, I don’t” and more. Many of these comments are tinged with envy and jealousy.
Ironically, when writing this article, I read an account of the life of Kuthumi lal Singh, an Ascended Master. Like many of the Ascended Beings his self-realisation was preceded by trauma. His breakdown was so severe he was in bed for two years unable to feed himself. When he decided he had had enough and rose from his bed he started to live life to the full. He left his home with fond farewells to travel to all the places where he knew he had had previous incarnations. He departed with fond farewells and with no money, no money at all. He was not worried because in the moment he would say “I AM enlightened” and all the abundance was there. So much money came to him he did not know what to do with it so he gave it to others. This exemplifies the natural flow of abundance which is for all of us.

Here are some points about abundance which may be helpful guidelines:

– Abundance is natural. Not to be abundant is unnatural and is saying you still have issues to clear.

– If you are in lack you are choosing it. That is a hard one but please reflect on it. You are putting yourself in the group of the ‘have nots’.

– Abundance has nothing to do with being rich or poor, being a ‘have’ or ‘have not’, because those beliefs reflect a firm entrenchment in duality consciousness. If you are tied into this you are holding the planet back.

– Is energy serving you? (This is the New Energy). It is fundamental to this issue because, if you allow energy to serve you, you will have more than you know what to do with. It is your energy after all and it wants to serve you. Have you practised the skill of receiving?

– Your abundance has nothing to do with the amount of money you have in the bank although, in the flow of financial abundance, you will probably have more than you know what to do with. Money for all your wants and requirements manifests when you need it.

– Abundance is an attitude. It is about accepting and allowing.

– I AM THAT I AM AND I HAVE ABUNDANCE. It comes naturally when you claim Who You Really Are. Aren’t we all starting to do this now?


1. Go deep into yourself, find the soul space. Remember money is just an energy and it can flow freely like a stream of light through you. Feel it flowing through without blockages, enjoy the flow, it is like a huge wonderful stream of energy gliding through you. It serves everyone. Let it flow.

2. See the light of your soul propelling money through the space around the planet. There is nothing stopping it, nothing holding it back; there is no greed and it is just flowing, flowing, flowing.

3. Now imagine the country as a whole. See it flowing into the cities, towns, villages, government, factories, corporations, settlements. Allow it to free-flow through everyone: A stream of abundance and light. Keep it flowing for as long as you need to. Notice there is giving and receiving, there is plenty, no one holds on. Experience the joy of flow.

4. Be joyful, grateful, trusting, understanding. When you use money with this kind of joy and pleasure it comes back to you as a gift. Experience it not as hard currency but as FLOW.

Natalia Baker

Natalia Baker is a leader of consciousness, metaphysical teacher, professional public speaker, author, regular contributor to digital and printed magazines, TV and radio broadcaster, retreat and workshop facilitator, counsellor, facilitator of ceremonies and rituals. She has published a number of books including ‘, ‘A Self-Love Guide; and ‘Human and Divine, a Love Story’.