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Access the Wonders Held by the Yoni Egg

by | Autumn 2020, Print Articles

The yoni egg practice offers many advantages. Its purpose is to allow you to know your body better and what you find pleasurable, as well as how to take care of yourself, gain confidence, release tension, build a joyful state of personal health and restore vitality and tone to your perineum.

Let’s start by looking at what the egg provides on a daily basis to the majority of us.

Gentleness and Kindness
Taking care of ourselves, especially when nothing is going right around us and in our lives, appears to be self-evident. However, this is not always our first reflex. The self-care of yoni egg practice will require initial efforts, but regular practice and your desire to do right by yourself will triumph. New healthy and harmonious habits will become established in your daily life as a woman. Throughout this practice you will give yourself much of the gentleness and love that you most often expect to come from outside. We are not talking about a quest for absolute happiness here, but a profound desire to treat ourselves well, to grant ourselves attention and time. Taking some time for yourself in your active life as a woman will provide many positive results.

Reveals the Inner Beauty of Femininity
To have an egg inside you allows, first and foremost, to establish contact with your yoni, to familiarise yourself with your most intimate domain and from this feel ‘more feminine’, to cause your inner beauty to radiate.

“What is there to say at the end of one month? I have the impression that my egg allows me day by day to accept myself for who I am (it is high time!). I have a new sensation of gentleness when having sex.” – Astride

Being beautiful goes beyond our appearance. True beauties are confirmed on the inside and radiate on the outside. This is true charisma, the inner power of the woman over herself that magnetises and seduces so mysteriously. The yoni egg placed inside of you, inside your daily life (during a rendezvous, a meeting, at work, or at lunch) will be carried like a secret, intimate and invisible object whose presence you have forgotten.
Confidence will make women more feminine, open and seductive. We are offering ourselves the love and attention we expect from the outside. This reveals our reconnection with our inner beauty and femininity all the better.

Free Creative Energies
Vital energy, Chi, is the universal life force. This Chi can be blocked and stagnant at the level of the yoni. Wearing your egg will allow you to awaken this energy gently, put it into motion and make it circulate throughout your entire body. The search for creative energy must be made in a state of completely letting go. It is important to begin by breathing deeply in order to oxygenate your entire body.
When waves of sexual energy begin rising up in the body, the muscles contract gently and spontaneously. The body will express itself more freely, more harmoniously and more tenderly… The very good news is that the egg will be there to accompany you and thereby gradually release joy and vitality.
It is for these reasons that the yoni egg is also called the ‘energy egg’. Because of the vitality it gives women access to, the yoni egg provides a lot of energy. The primary practice is to develop your muscles with the egg, but, as Jutta Kellenberger says: “When you perform the exercises, you will feel totally energised and galvanised, because it gives you so much life and because there are so many energies stuck inside your yoni.”
Respecting your body, honouring the goddess inside and her yoni like a sacred temple, listening to her messages, rediscovering the symbolism through rituals and a more accurate and personal attentiveness, will, with time and regular practice, help activate and transform your sexual and spiritual energy.

Choosing the Stone of Your Egg
Gemstones and crystals played an important role in ancient civilisations. Today, they are regaining a place in our everyday lives and helping us gradually recover physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual balance. The subtle influence of minerals is used in the context of a holistic healing approach, as it touches on all levels of the individual. Stones exercise an influence on our bodies by the vibrations they emit. These stones interact with the electromagnetic field of our body.

How to Choose Your Stone
When you start on your adventure in the world of stones, it is not always simple to get your bearings there. The best advice I can give you about your choice of stone is to keep listening to your body, your sensibility and your intuition. Thanks to the information that follows, you will have an overview of the stones used to manufacture yoni eggs and thereby be able to make a first selection of the ones that ‘speak’ to you most strongly.

Rose Quartz, Stone of Tenderness and Serenity
Colour: Pale pink to bright pink, sometimes with white veins;
Family/group: Quartz crystal;
Crystal system: Trigonal;
Transparency: Translucent to opaque;
Lustre: Vitreous;
Hardness: 7;
Density: Around 2.65;
Benefits: It helps establish inner calm, relieve doubts and steer the individual towards serenity and self-esteem.

This stone reinforces self-confidence and kindness; it heals the wounds that have collected in the heart. The rose quartz egg is wonderful in encouraging the heart to open, as well as kindness, rest, and tenderness as the rose quartz is the stone of love. It helps establish inner calm and serenity, it strengthens love of self and self-esteem and it helps a woman feel more feminine. It gives hope and relief.

The Yoni Egg: Reveal and Release the Sacred Feminine Within by Lilou Macé © 2019 Destiny Books. Printed with permission from the publisher, Inner Traditions International. www.InnerTraditions.com


Lilou Macé

Lilou Macé is a French-American author, speaker and webTV interviewer. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey, she has interviewed thousands of experts and scientists since 2006 from all over the world about the art of creating a conscious, healthy and fulfilling life, posting her interviews on her website LilouMace.com and YouTube channel, where she now has over 70-million video views. She lives in Bordeaux, France.