The mystery around gold holds the key to many things on this planet: Why men fought battles and died, trekked all over the world in pursuit of this metal.  It underlies our world currencies and is always the go-to when there is a recession because it never loses its value, it always appreciates in value.  And it has very profound spiritual values.
The Nilotic Meridian runs down the centre of Africa and, according to the late Baba Credo Mutwa, it denotes the River of Gold that runs down the continent from the Pyramids of Giza and ends in Durban. There is some energetic transfer that takes place and affects towns and cities that are on this meridian.

Southern Africa produces half of the world’s gold
Credo Mutwa said that gold’s natural existence in the bowels of our planet is essential to life on Earth. Most specifically, it controls the existence, flow and purification of fresh water.  Gold is not simply a physical metal; it is also a spiritual metal with a profound metaphysical purpose. It is an entity, its energies cause man to think irrationally, it probes and entices a person, tempting them into their darker nature.  If a person is good, then gold will enhance that side of them too. 

Science has now established that the formation of gold is directly related to the birth of the Sun itself.  Claude Bristol says: “One sources the gold of the Spirit, when one finds himself.” 

The Sun is the source of light and heat on our planet.  Earth has been placed at just the right position that we do not freeze or fry.  We have the right temperature to create an abundant world of life. Earth is just the right size to create both land and water.  The Sun governs and is the powerhouse of our solar system and without it there would be no life.
The solar energy from the Sun affects the magnetic grids of the Earth, which in turn affect our DNA.  The divine energy, knowledge and information are sent to the Earth’s grid by the sun flares. These coded messages are then stored in our DNA, until we are ready to understand them and to utilise the information properly.  They are then released into our system, through new thought forms and creative ideas.

Scientists have found that the rays of the Sun are the key element in genetic leaps of species.  They have discovered that periods of active solar flares are the cause of people becoming intelligent and taking progressive leaps forward mentally. The sunspot cycles are part of this evolutionary process. Over the last two decades the Sun has been discharging many solar flares which are bombarding the earth with plasma.  This same thing happened in the Cambrian Era some 500 million years ago, bringing an influx of new life to the planet.  Scientists are saying we are going through a similar phase on Earth now.  This solar activity which affects us directly, will bring on an explosion of new ideas and inventions and will bring about another rapid industrial, scientific and technological revolution in this period of our history.

The Sun represents the highest form of Spiritual intelligence and is the supreme source of light in man’s world.

Southern Africa is one of the places that receive the most sunlight in the world.  The adoration and worship of the sun was one of the earliest religions on Earth.  The white lions being born now carry the weight of pure gold enlightenment.

Nature’s great powers, like gravity and electromagnetism, are invisible to our senses, but their power is indisputable.  Likewise, the force of love is invisible to us, but its power is in fact far greater than any of Nature’s powers. The evidence of its power can be seen everywhere in the world.  Without love and benevolent behaviour, cooperation, systems working together, there would be no life.  Nature is full of this benevolent energy; it flows everywhere; that is why Earth is so full of life.

 The Love Source is the great ‘I AM’, the Sun within the Sun and the centre of all power and radiance.  It is within every living thing.

Africa is called the ‘Dark Continent’ because there is much mystery, intrigue and exploitation here. Mama’Africa has been used and abused by conquerors, invaders, colonial powers and traders for centuries, all wanting to plunder her resources and abuse her abundance.

At the dawning of this New Age, the age of the great awakening, perhaps humanity will become wise enough to start revering her for her loving generosity. She has so much more to give, if only we took the time to tap into her ancient wisdom from our hearts. She is the gift that doesn’t stop giving.