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Our ancestors are our origins, our power and our heritage. The themes that concern them mirror our own spiritual path and potential but often also the obstacles and stumbling blocks we face. We often hesitate to connect with them fully because we are scared of what remains unresolved and of the burdens we have unconsciously helped to bear. It is only when we turn to them in love once again that we will open ourselves up to their blessings and the full potential that lies within our ancestral lineage. It is just waiting to be brought to the world as a great gift.

             We are never apart from love. Love permeates us and is our deepest essence, the power of the highest manifestation and the most powerful healing force in the universe. More and more people are awakening to their true selves, even if old identities continue to shroud our light like dark veils from time to time. But beneath such veils, we are luminous, magnificent light-beings just waiting to gift radiance to the world. We are safe, secure, invulnerable and immortal in our true beings and the more people that rediscover their home in love, the easier it will be for global change to occur.

Immerse yourself in love…
Surrender pain to grace,
To the redeeming heart of God…
Rise again and shine…

For many people ‘ancestor work’ conjures up images of some grave destiny, recurrent patterns that are unconsciously passed down from generation to generation, suffering and pain. We have become too accustomed to focusing on the things that are not good or that we would wish to be different, instead of heeding what has been there all along. Our physical and our spiritual ancestors have hidden treasures for us, about whose existence we often have little idea. We have accumulated an infinite variety of experiences and have developed abilities through lifetimes along our spiritual paths that often remain concealed beneath old vows and promises. However, they are there, ready and waiting to be set free from dusty treasure chests.

             Exactly the same thing is true of the potential within our genetic ancestral lineage, our family. We are always incarnated in a family that will best serve our development. This can often also involve activating old wounds in order for them to heal and setting off in search of true love and our true selves. We will discover many different aspects of ourselves on that journey and it is during this extremely special time that we are allowed to take these aspects and shape them into the precious being that we truly are. When we learn to pay attention to the good aspects, we feel strengthened. The time has come to refocus on our potential and establish a positive heritage within ourselves, so that it may flourish, mature and ripen. We need a world in which we can follow new paths.

  As Marianne Williamson once said, it is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Our deepest shadows (things that are forgotten and suppressed) are our own inner light, our own divine consciousness. “We would like to show you paths of transformation, reminding you of your own light and the light of your Aumakua, inspiring you to let go of the past and enter a new era with joy and ease. We want to encourage you to trust yourself so that your true being can bless your life and everything you touch.”

“Namaste – the divine within me greets the divine within you” Shantidevi

Shantidevi: Cornelia Felgenhauer is an alternative healer specialising in spiritual psychotherapy; family systems, and trauma work as well as reincarnation therapy –https://shantidevi.de/

Ancestral Healing for Your Spiritual and Genetic Families by Jeanne Ruland and Shantidevi. © 2020 Earthdancer GmbH. Printed with permission from the publisher, Inner Traditions International. www.InnerTraditions.com