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AP Physiotherapists

ways seeking effective ways to help you achieve your health goals, Adéle collaborates with other professionals in designing chronic pain workshops. These workshops aim to simplify and disseminate complex information to clients, family members, and practitioners alike.

Moreover, the team at AP Therapists provides home visits, particularly beneficial post-surgery. Our practice addresses orthopedic, neurological, and chest conditions, as well as sports injuries. Conditions treated include Stroke, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, post-surgical rehabilitation, headaches, whiplash, joint pain, bronchitis, pneumonia, and more.

Additionally, the team is developing foundation movement programs for schools. These programs teach children and coaches how to enhance movement patterns, enabling early identification and management of common problems to prevent future injuries.

At AP Therapists, we are dedicated to crafting chronic pain workshops and implementing innovative programs to improve movement patterns and overall well-being.

2 Longboat Street, Sun Valley, Cape Town, 7985.