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Take the road less travelled?

Most people are just existing, not living. Looking back, one of the reasons I resigned from my job in the corporate world was that I was on automatic, living someone else’s dream, following someone else’s version of my path.

Fiona van Rensburg

I graduated from university with a degree my father thought was best for me and then followed my mom’s footsteps into the business world. My parents discouraged the road less travelled. My dad said he knows no light worker that earns a decent living. My mother had a belief system that we cannot follow our passions and dreams. We need to make grave personal sacrifices for our children. Do as everyone does. It’s the safer option.

I knew I had to be the change. And life has taught me what was important and what not.

We are to find out how we can make this world a better place for ourselves and others. But what is it that holds us back from experiencing it? The limitations we place upon ourselves. Not taking personal responsibility for our own lives, our own happiness and dreams. We are taught at school that we don’t know. Others know and others have the answers and we need to find it from them or in books or Google. Yet that’s the furthest from the truth. It lies within us and we do know. I find that people don’t listen to themselves, they don’t realised what they tell themselves, what they believe about themselves and what they believe about their lives. In my consultations I first listen to people; they reveal everything about their personal beliefs and feelings to me and I help them with it. I listen, and sometimes think, wow… listen to yourself… All your answers are there…

 Don’t label a no name brand, it’s just a no name brand…

You might wonder what I’m talking about but give me a minute to explain. I find sometimes we have this need to label things, to define and give it meaning, which could be a great downfall. Once I dated a guy and I thought he was the bee’s knees. Oh wow, he swept me off my feet, I totally fell for him and what he pretended to be. He puffed himself up and I believed it. We were dating for three months and then he broke it off. When I asked my late granny what happened, she told me that I believed him to be a Ferrari and he was actually just a plain old VW Beetle. I was too close to see who he really was; he couldn’t keep up the pretences and he broke it off. I thought I lost something special and he wasn’t that special after all. By wanting to define something or someone we limit it or them to one thing, subsequently eliminating all the other possibilities.

“When you stop existing and you start truly living, each moment of the day comes alive with the wonder and synchronicity.”
― Steve Maraboli

 You meet someone that you like, they have qualities you feel you don’t have. I hear from clients, say. ‘’He was so outgoing and an extrovert where I’m shy and reserved.” In the beginning it’s a draw card and at the end it’s sometimes the reason why they break up. The introvert has a bit of extrovert within and the extrovert has a bit of introvert within. When things become balanced, the lesson is over and there’s some reason why it came to an end.

 When we judge another it is a set-up of duality we get to experience by being here on Earth.

A lesson I learned when I attended Dr Demartini’s Breakthrough Experience was that all humans are alike. We each have a light and dark side. We all are good and bad, right and wrong, sinners and saints. We have duality within us. Have you ever said ‘I’m in two minds about….’ Holding a judgement against a person or situation is not acknowledging that aspect within yourself. He who has no sin, let him cast the first stone.

 One of my wishes is for people to become aware of their own self-fulfilling prophecies and curses they place on themselves without realising it. People fear other people yet most of the time they are their own worst enemy. How, you would ask? Well I listen to people daily. Whatever you say after “I am”, you make yours/your reality/your future instructions for yourself. Your body listens to your set of instructions either via thought or spoken words. You say “I am so sick and tired of this, that and the other,” and then wonder why you are prone to becoming sick; “I am sad” repetitively and wonder why you have difficulty in stopping the tears; “I’ve always worried, it’s what I do,” and those people don’t know a life without worrying.

 Some people never get to experience peace and harmony, living in a trusting way and going with the flow. They try and control their lives, outcomes and people and wonder why it’s such hard work, why they are tired. We are not here to try and control, but to live a conscious and aware life in the now moment, not fearing the past or worrying about the future. The saying ‘we’ll cross that bridge when we get there’ is just how you should approach life. The bridge will present itself when the time is right. I am often amazed at what people conjure up to worry about.

 The more I live in sync with the universe in the flow of things, I find myself at the right place at the right time doing the right things with the right people. It all happens effortlessly. And I’ve proven it over and over again. It’s beautiful. I teach and encourage others to do the same. Letting go of control has been the most liberating thing that I’ve done. I am blessed. I am grateful. And so can you be. Just realise what limitations you place on yourself and others and allow them to show you a different result.

 Have you heard some people say “I Am that I am” and wondered what it meant.?

Well I am what I am = I am the beginning. I am the end. I am Alpha. I am Omega. I am pure consciousness. I am the Universe. I am everything. Everything is mine. I am the body. The body is mine. I am the soul and the spirit. The soul and the spirit are mine. I am the creator of all things and all things are mine. I am the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. I am the window of the soul. The soul is me. It is what it is. No particular thing, yet everything at the same time.

Watch your words, deeds and actions. Lift yourself higher. Be all that you can be.

Start by affirming daily “I AM that I AM”.

 It’s to remind you and empower you to break through your own set of limitations.

Fiona van Rensburg

Fiona van Rensburg, #Alchemist, #Starseed, #Wayshower, is the owner of Portal of Alchemy with over 10 years’ experience in transforming people’s lives. The motto she lives by: Heal your past, live in the now and dream your future. She is passionate about helping others reach their greatest human potential. She invites you to take a journey with her, to help you break through your own limitations. “I see you. I hear you. I’m here for you. Namaste”


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