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‘Mindfulness’ – could be considered to be a state of mind, a moment-to-moment awareness of having an experience without judging it. The primary intention of ‘being mindful’ is to observe our knee-jerk reactions to any triggers that cause us suffering. In this state of mind we are able to adjust our responses appropriately so that they might reflect a more desirable outcome. The results of a practice of mindfulness may include less over-thinking, reduced stress, lower emotional reactivity, cognitive flexibility and greater relationship satisfaction.

To reach a conscious state of leveraging body, mind and soul takes time and application. We are often resistant to this sort of commitment and this resistance inhibits our ability to explore the very arenas we wish to master. A conundrum indeed! Many who seek to create better personal ecosystems begin the mindfulness journey and soon feel stumped. It is a slow, consistent climb, the path of mindfulness – and especially challenging if we often find ourselves feeling defensive or overly sensitive. Yet we yearn deeply for the fulfilment that comes with exquisite mindfulness. And so, for many seekers, mindfulness remains the goal!

Is there a better way to develop and practise a state of mindfulness?

Yes – through art-full expression!

Spontaneous movement and deep dancing! Freely using art materials to make mandalas, to speak and storytell and to express our deepest thoughts and feelings with no expectation of the outcome! Creative meditation to expand our intuition and employ our latent and hugely powerful imaginations! All of this igniting the instinctive disruption of old habits and behaviours and the creation of new patterns that nurture a happier, more community-minded and peaceful human being! The best part? It is for everyone – you do not have to be classically ‘artistic’ at all, in any way, to benefit from exploring art-full expression.

Where does one start?

One of the greatest parts of being human is our enormous capacity for enjoyment. Though disciplined meditation is undeniably valuable, too much dwelling on seriousness is simply depressing. Surrender to the fun, open inner-child within you who wants to grow up and become a competent, pleasure-filled adult, who still knows the delight of being curious and adventurous! Allow your child-like self to express and be who you are in the moment, knowing that you are safe and contained. Come and play solo within in a community-orientated environment designed to expand uniquely with you as you grow in confidence, self-acceptance and love.

How does it work?

You experience life as a sentient being in a physical body that feels deep emotions and searches for meaning. Each emotion, thought, behaviour and belief generates a pattern which, in turn, has a frequency correlating to one or more of the seven main frequencies of the chakra system. These patterns generate a unique signature-frequency in each of us.

If the end goal is self-actualisation – the embodiment and stepping into of one’s full potential – becoming ever more aware and accepting one’s intrinsic nature, is key. When embarking on such a journey, it helps to have a map. Aura.Soul.Art pairs compassion, clarity and humour with the chakra system model to create a departure point for the journey of self-actualisation.

‘Balancing Energy Artfully!’

  1. RED/ROOT– Stability, prosperity, trust, physical health;
  2. ORANGE/SACRAL – Pleasure, fluidity, sensuality, feeling, sexual wellness;
  3. YELLOW/SOLAR – Self esteem, strength of will, vitality, spontaneity and purpose;
  4. GREEN/HEART – Compassion, equable relationships, balance, self-acceptance;
  5. BLUE/THROAT – Resonance, creativity, clarity, effective communication;
  6. INDIGO/BROW – Clear perception, accurate interpretation, active imagination;
  7. VIOLET/CROWN – Consciousness, self-knowledge that leads to wisdom, connection to source energy.

Employing the stimulating modalities of art-full expression allows us to explore and navigate our unique signature-frequency. We become able to transmute our patterns in a gentle way, transforming our lives at our own pace.

 How can you work with Aura.Soul.Art and Jayni?

  • Join our in-person monthly SoulFul Art workshops;
  • Take weekly Chakradance™ attunement classes and eight-week In-Depth courses;
  • Make an appointment for a one-on-one SoulPath Consultation session (also by Zoom);
  • Be part of our weekly online Creative Meditation class;
  • Aura.Soul.Art Retreats are run a few times a year, internationally and at-home urban-retreats in Johannesburg for a deeper experience of Self.

 Take the journey of artful self-discovery with Aura.Soul.Art –
Get to know yourself and create new, vibrant patterns that serve you better!