The divine inspired Frontlet is designed to change your life.

The Awakening Frontlet by Andreas Salver is all about the way it makes you feel. Wear it on your third eye when you meditate, as a key to your cosmic antenna or as a pendant in your everyday life.

The universe and its beautiful mysteries are infinite and have a depth we cannot fathom. There are many unknowns, much to be discovered to guide us and help us to be in an awakened state. Everything connects in some way, and just like the tree feeds life to the air, without water, the tree cannot exist. Everything has a vibration. Feelings like depression and despair occur at a lower frequency; however, when you increase your vibration or energy, you will feel lighter, physically, emotionally, and mentally. You can experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love and joy.

Andreas Salver has journeyed through discovering some universal secrets and used his knowledge and experience to create a sacred piece for us, the Frontlet. In his quest to improve the realities of existence, he investigated how our bodies respond and react to certain elements, how our energies can be affected by the universe, minerals, precious stones and sacred geometry. How our existence can be more than just merely going through our day-to-day activities, became his mission.

He drew inspiration from ancient history, Sumerian tablets the Anunnaki people of light, sacred geometry and science to arrive at an awakened state of consciousness. The creation of his Frontlet is a passkey to give you the ability to share in this enigma.

How does this captivating journey unfold?

It is said that the Anunnaki were able to create energy by arranging rocks into shapes. There exists a sacred geometry, embedded in every one of us, in our bodies, in nature, in math and ancient civilisation. Some sacred geometry is visible, as seen in the golden ratio of human proportions, but many remain hidden and unnoticed. The pyramids, for example, being one of the oldest standing structures on the earth, at the base measure 365,25, which is the exact number of days in a year. Each base edge and apex form a triangle, a lateral face. For this reason, the Frontlet was designed using numbers divisible by three, mostly with trillion cut stones or stones divisible by three. The diameter of the piece is 21mm or 18mm, also divisible by three.

Be it coincidence or not, it is fascinating to know that there lies a deep connection between the earth and everything on it. Considering this, the shape and proportions of the Frontlet become a significant part of strengthening the power of the piece.

The shape and size of the Frontlet are thought to increase the natural frequency of gold, causing it to vibrate at a higher frequency. Because the vibration of a person in a content state is higher than the 5Hz of our natural state, Andreas fuses gold, shapes and precious stones in a combination to increase and elevate our body vibrations.

The pinnacle of the passkey to Awakening is Masaru Emoto’s study about water. Through research and experiments he was able to prove that if “words” are placed on vessels that contain water from the same source, the “word” can change the shape of the crystals when the water is frozen. Andreas has given us the words that encourage positive transformation and mean the most to us to embrace change for the best. These words are engraved on the back of every piece. Because our bodies consist of up to 80% water, a living substance, can this same rule not apply to us, within us?

How can you apply this knowledge to your own life?

Andreas Salver has come full circle in his career and through these fascinating discoveries has himself, become awakened. He wants to share the feeling and divine secrets of this earth with us all, and he does this through his Frontlet pieces. In creating these, he has combined his learnings of sacred geometry and the energies of water, to share his awakening with you as well. Wearing the Frontlet on your third eye when you meditate, is intended as a key to your cosmic antenna which allows you to feel differently about your world and see it from a different angle.

If you feel cemented in an unpleasant world, these pieces are a passkey that can make you feel different. When you wear this sacred piece on your third eye while meditating, praying or as a pendant in your everyday life, the words engraved on it can help you too to change within. Find meaning and a passion for change.

Discover greatness, experience wholeness, feel elevated, and be awakened to the fact that you can change your reality; you can make magic happen. Hold on to these facts – with words you can influence the living structure of water, and there is a divine geometry that exists in all life, combine these simple yet powerful statements into something you wear, and begin your journey of change to be more!

Award-winning Andreas Salver has proven time and time again that manufacturing gorgeous pieces of jewellery is something he was born to do. Since he started in the jewellery manufacturing business in 1992, he has collected many awards such as the Anglo Ashanti Awards and the De Beers Shining Light Awards, and his work has received recognition in places as far as Hong Kong*. Coming from a family of jewellers, Andreas understood precision, technique and proportion at a very young age and continued to hone and perfect his skills. 

Now, Andreas has come full circle in his career. Through his journey, he not only awakened but also conceptualised the Awakening Frontlet in 2020 and wants to share these magnificent secrets of the universe with us. The divine inspired Frontlet is designed to change your life. A unique combination of sacred geometry, words and precious stones resonate together to change your life. Wear the Awakening Frontlet on your third eye when you meditate, or in your everyday life, it is the key to your cosmic antenna and allows you to feel differently about your world and see it from a different angle.

 Andreas won the De Beers Shining Light in the early 2000s and received two of the three “Technical Excellence Awards” ever handed out; in this era he developed a flair for the ramp. 

 In 2010 he manufactured 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place and received the “Technical Excellence Award”, walking away with every award available. 

 In 2011 ‘Molecular Truth’ despite not having a single stone in it, won 4th place in the “Champion of Champions competition” in Hong Kong rated one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. 

Awakening by Andreas Salver. It is the way it makes you feel.

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