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While the World came to a halt and onto its knees for the first time in History, giving humanity a chance to pause and reflect on the past, it has given us an opportunity to go inward, discard what was not working for us and start to co-create the Future we want for ourselves. Never in History did anyone get a golden opportunity to collectively assess their lives at the deepest level, while being humbled by change, fear and death. Knowing that Life as we know it, will never be the same again. The choice is yours. Do we want to transform ourselves or do we want to continue to recreate the past into our future!

  Death is not only for the people who are dying but also for the people who are living. It is the death of the old and the rebirth of the New. Are we resisting this transformation or are we embracing the opportunity to learn to know Ourselves, in order to gain the highest form of personal transformation to achieve total Emotional Freedom through Self Actualization to connect with your North Star and become “I’M POSSIBLE!

  The journey to embrace your North Star and become “I’M POSSIBLE” starts through Self Actualization! Finding the “I AM” that is hidden amongst the generational, conditional thinking patterns as well as negative emotional experiences that formed our beliefs about ourselves and are clouding our Deep Truth.

  Did you experience at a young age rejection, disappointment, the feeling of not being good enough, not loved enough, or did you experience any emotional trauma that created the emotions of anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred and many others in your heart? Are you closing yourself off from people because of these experiences that caused your beliefs? Not wanting to love again or trust again or even feel again?

  These emotions and beliefs are blockers and are standing between You becoming “I’M POSSIBLE” or recreating the past into your future through holding onto these beliefs.

  Let the most beautiful journey start by believing in “I’M POSSIBLE” which will allow you to know yourself deeper, accept yourself, love yourself, value yourself and honor your life!

In Pranic Healing we teach the following:

“Move your legs. What are you doing? I AM moving my legs. What has been moved? The legs. Are you the legs? No. Who is moving the legs? “I AM”. In other words, you have control over your negative beliefs and emotions and are able to stop them when you are ready! If you do not stop them, they will block you from moving forward and allow you to keep going in circles and recreating the same outcomes. Knowing that you can take back your Inner Power and that you are able to control your beliefs and emotions, it empowers you to rediscover yourself, which gives you the Inner Strength to step into your Inner Wisdom and create your Life in alignment with the outcomes you wish to see. When you become the co-creator of your future, you are able to become “I’M POSSIBLE”.


Life mirrors our Beliefs back to us through giving us the experience of the Belief. Our Beliefs are creating an action and our actions are influencing our results in our relationships, money, career, health and spirituality.

  •  What are the beliefs that are holding you back? Are they negative self talk, lack of confidence, emotional pain, disappointment, resentment or anger, self blame, hatred, unforgiveness?
  • Identify the roots of your story that has been anchored into your body and ask yourself the questions, are my beliefs due to emotional trauma or are my beliefs generational, inflicted through childhood? Make a list of them.
  • Look at your list and write next to each negative belief or story the wisdom that you have gained from this pain. This will stop the ongoing process of recreating the same story into your future as your mind does not know the difference between yesterday today or tomorrow and every time you feel the same emotion or belief it creates the same experience again, thinking it is happening now.
  • As you discover yourself, start to replace the negatives with your amazing discoveries embracing your wisdom gained from your experiences, strengths, values, skills and beauty that is already deep inside of you since birth, waiting to emerge.
  • Practice daily Gratitude for everything in your life, as this will shift your focus away from lack and not good enough to “I have, I AM, I am worthy” and will help you to create a new future that honors your life.
  • Meditate or Pray every day, as this practice will calm your nervous system, give you clarity and fuel your Inner Strength to be able to handle any situation with ease and with grace.
  • Put the intent out every day to break free from Shame, Lack, Isolation and the feeling of Not being good enough.
  • Let every day be a new creation of your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t take on other’s opinions as your own or compare yourself with others just to feel less, as they are also struggling to find themselves, but might not say so.
  • Honor yourself as you are born Unique, connect with your North Star and become emotionally free to be “I AM POSSIBLE” and create a world that makes you happy and thrive in.

 When you Ignite the Spark from within YOU and connect with your North Star, you will have total emotional freedom to BECOME I’M POSSIBLE!

Madelaine Gomes

WHO AM I? I am Madelaine Gomes the Founder of “I’M POSSIBLE” empowering Clients to heal their past and align their thought patterns and actions with their vision for their future. I am a Doctor in Metaphysical Science, Pranic Energy healer, Psychotherapist, Mindset and Business Coach and a former Director of a Top 10 Company.