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Believe in positive outcomes

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What are we to believe at a time like this? Do we believe in a loving God with a Divine plan? Do we believe in an angry God seeking retribution for the sins and corruption of the world? Mother Earth revolting against our misuse of the planet? Or randomity and the beta decay force taking its inevitable toll?
Are we on the brink of a new golden era or on the precipice of anarchy and global collapse? Is what is happening all around us fuelled by a money-making conspiracy, extra-terrestrial intervention, or do we explain it using rationale, science and statistics?

What we know for sure, is that any illusion we may have been harbouring of a predictable and orderly universe is gone. Or so it seems. If we choose to believe that. And it is hard not to when we watch what seems like a re-enactment of a biblical plague, or the angel of death flying over from home to home and taking some while others live without rhyme or reason.

If my father were still alive he would shrug his shoulders, lift his hands palms up and say: “What do we know my child, what do we know?” He would then no doubt lean down towards the coffee table, take a sip of whiskey and carry on with his game of chess. I ask him for advice in that liminal space between time and space. “What should I do baba?” I say, “what should I do?” He smiles, his gold incisor glinting in the sunshine, puts his arm around my shoulders. We walk a while in silence. “Eh, you understand now my child,” he says eventually, echoing words he spoke over and over again while he was alive. “Life is short. A few moments and, poof, it’s gone. We come, we go. What do we know? It’s a dream. That’s why you need to live! Live, my child. Norok,” he says, using his native Romanian toast as he raises his glass to me. He walks away down the pathway and disappears into the hazy afternoon. Down below on the left, the Aegean glistens.

What are we to believe at a time like this? We try to get to the whys of it all, we try to get to the cause. We think that, once we know how or why something happened, that the knowledge alone will somehow shift or change the way things are. A lot of our lives are run this way. But I think it is not information or knowledge that we need, but belief and, most of all, faith.

It seems to me that we are always asking the wrong questions. Why and who and what and when. We need to know the how. How to live in joy in each moment. How to move forward. How to believe. Are we believing the best possible things we could believe? Because, at the end of the day (and even at the beginning), we can never really know. Not what the reasons are, not what the causes are and certainly not what the next moment will bring. But we have a choice and our choice is quite simply, what we choose to believe, to think, to hold the space for, minute by minute of each day. No one and nothing can take that from us. No matter what is happening. We have seen this in people who have chosen to hold on to a truth, a belief in the most arduous of circumstances and, in effect, that belief is what can become the difference between life and death, both physically and metaphorically.

In business, what we choose to believe is often what makes the difference between success and failure. And this belief is not about our mission, purpose or good intent. Those are all good, but in themselves will not guarantee the business thrives.

There are three different beliefs we need to cultivate in business:

* The belief in the impossible * the belief that everything can be changed * the belief that there are solutions that exist that we are unable to imagine.

These are the same things we need to embrace in life in general and specifically in these uncertain times. I say cultivate, because, like so much else that is positive and good, we are not fed or entrained with this sort of skill either in school, or in our general environment. So if we choose to believe something different from the norm and the consensus reality, we need to train and intend to cultivate these energetic tracks, which will happen through repetition and over time. Much like creating a pathway through the jungle, as my Jung teacher used to say. The first few times you walk through the bush the tall grass just jumps right back, without making any impression, but slowly, slowly over time a pathway is grooved in. This is what we need to do with our minds and with our habit.

I sometimes do three impossible things before breakfast.” Alice in Wonderland

Belief in the impossible means that we stretch beyond the boundaries of ‘reality’ as we may be perceiving it in a certain moment or as it is being presented to us. It means doing away with, totally disregarding, and absolutely disbelieving the very many constricting parameters that business offers as truth. These parameters vary from industry to industry, country to country. What they all have in common, though, is that they give justification for not doing. They are making it okay to fail. Say no to that!

There may be statistics and proof supporting these excuses for non-production. Consensus reality and opinion are invariably involved and much of this energy-diminishing information begins with ‘everybody knows’. But don’t you believe it and don’t you dare make it part of your truth! Don’t allow ‘facts’ to shrink your reality. All facts are relative and therefore not absolute. Reality itself exists on many realms and is infinitely morphing minute to minute.

Whether it’s that retail or some or other industry is down, that no one is selling or buying anything at this time, that a, b, c or f are known to be quiet months, that demand for x, y, z or k has disappeared because of blah, blah, blah, or that, because this happened, therefore it’s inevitable that that will follow. Therefore, you should accept and be happy with a decrease, a shrinking, a less than. Say no to that!

Choose to believe that, no matter what, you can create profit in your business. No matter what or who or where or why. Why? Because you have decided that and you have put your energy behind that belief and because you believe in the impossible. And, if you really, really do, then what is reality going to do with that? Well it will have to accommodate you as an outlier won’t it? But nothing will happen if you do not choose to believe. It all starts with your unwavering belief. This is not something theoretical. It takes balls and energy to do this – particularly if you are going against the consensus. It takes standing up and saying no. Sometimes you need to create your own life-enhancing rumours.

“Oh,” you may say, as I once did, “that’s strange, in our company, December is not a write off, it’s one of our busiest months. It’s a great time to get hold of people to discuss their investments.” And so it became. Create your own facts and statistics. It may seem impossible, but as Akong Choje Rinpoche said, only the impossible is worth doing.

Cultivate the ability to believe in the impossible. This is linked to the belief that everything and anything can be changed. All of these things are possible if we acknowledge that everything is energy and as such it is neither fixed nor solid. It’s nice to think these things in respect of metaphysics, healing and spirituality, but we need to take these facts into the workplace.

This means that when someone terminates their account with you, it’s not written in stone. You can decide to believe that it can be changed. You can work on changing it. First in your mind, then with your energy and emotions, then in preparation work which involves talking through the situation and discussing it with the prospect in liminal space till they change their minds and finally going to see the person and reversing the termination in this here reality. It takes effort and energy and again balls. Most people don’t want to go there, can’t even imagine it. Won’t do it. But if you can and if you do, just imagine what that does for you and your development as a being, let alone your company. That is only one example of changing reality. You could practise on smaller things. See it as practice. See it as fun. Do it because you can. I have done such things more times than I can count and, I promise you, it’s like bungee jumping! Terrifying to begin with but then an absolute rush! (Did that too.)

There are solutions to problems that we cannot begin to imagine. And we don’t need to. All we need to do is believe that the solutions exist. Whether in business or in life, we need to believe with all of our hearts in positive outcomes. Believe that even though we don’t know how, even though things look in a certain way at this little moment in time, a positive outcome is possible. And this belief has to be something we feel positive about, it’s not an intellectual thing. We need to feel excited about this positive solution which is coming in some mysterious and magical way. Positively jumping up and down with the joy of it. That is the kind of energy that will both create the outcome on some other realm and also cause it to manifest, right here and now. That is the kind of energy we need to put out there with our unwavering belief, which will draw in all the help and beneficial forces of the universe to come to our aid – whether it’s in business or in life. We have the power to change the future if we believe.

Now is a material event

It is also a spiritual moment

And the blinding light of the real

Can pierce through and tear

Asunder the unreal


We are in ways small and great

The figures, the myths and legends

That we ourselves have invented.

Ben Orki ‘Mental Fight

Kiki Theo is an unusual combination of successful business woman and skilled transformational facilitator. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs to create more success and increase profit, while also developing into the best versions of themselves. She is the author of nine wealth expansion titles, and the founder of Wealth Works Institute devoted to helping expand consciousness, especially around money, on the planet. Kiki’s work is powerful, yet light and fun, and can be used by anyone who wants to approach wealth creation differently while still creating actual measurable results
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Kiki Theo

Kiki Theo

Wealth Expansion Author

Kiki Theo combines decades of successful business experience with energetic processing tools she has created to help people grow their wealth and business. She is the author of nine wealth expansion titles and offers courses and sessions for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to learn how to fly!

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Kiki Theo

Kiki Theo is a wealth expansion business coach, author and course facilitator dealing with money as energy. She helps individuals and businesses to thrive, drawing on her own successful business experience and gifts as an alchemical intuitive and wealth catalyst.