The Place Where You Can Find a Wonderful Range of Esoteric Delights

Situated at No. 4 Swallow Drive, Shop 6 in Sedgefield, Western Cape.  We relocated from Gauteng on 11 March 2021 and officially re-opened our doors to the public on the 11 June 2021.  We have had our online and physical store for the past three years. 

Our products include: A vast range of premium incense, incense burners, smudging products, crystals, jewellery, statues, salt products, self-help kits. Oracle cards, books and Yoga leggings. We have the most wonderful, beautiful range of Yoga leggings as well as other bohemian clothing and soft furnishings and we have tarot and oracle cards. 

Our range of Himalayan salt products comprises pink, white, black, or ruby rose salt lamps of various sizes, foot scrubbers, bath salts, bath bombs, cooking blocks, serving bowls and, of course, shooter glasses.

We have the most amazing variety of crystals, tumbled as well as rough, with the most incredible specimen pieces for all your various needs.  We host crystal workshops to introduce you to crystal healing energy, crystal gridding, the use of a pendulum, how to smudge and many other wonderful workshops, incorporating teaching arts and crafts and sewing lessons for adults as well as children.

We offer in-house healing sessions of reflexology, massage and Reiki with our mobile therapists, by appointment.

We are a family-owned business – Cheryl Bosch – Owner: My duties include everything that makes a small business operate. Kay Higgo – Design and manufacture and Storm Higgo – Procurement, marketing and administration.  We design and manufacture our own clothing range, under our own label ‘Blayz Creations’.  We offer a one-of-a-kind design and manufacturing service, be it for clothing or custom jewellery.  Most of our beaded jewellery is custom-made by us.   We offer a restringing service for beaded jewellery as well as a free clothing alteration service to any clothing purchased from us.  We source our products locally as well as internationally; should we not stock an item, we will do our utmost to find it for you!  We are open Mondays to Saturdays and open by appointment as well.  Sundays we leave for our market day, when we attend local crafters’ markets. For more information on the above, please email or go to our website or call 082 321 9044 .



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