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Energencia Academy, established in KZN in April 2009, offers you the opportunity to return to a more holistic lifestyle and enhance your personal and spiritual development, or to expand your skills in holistic and energy healing modalities or to increase your income by starting or expanding your healing practice.

Holistic healing is a broad term for any treatment / therapy that is intended to treat the individual as a whole, on all levels – mind, body and spirit – or, simply put, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of any person. In this context ‘spiritual’ does not mean ‘religious’, it refers to the essence of who we are. Medical professionals focus on the physical body, overlooking mind and spirit, mental health professionals treat the mind and overlook the body, neither address the ‘whole’ or the spiritual (‘the essence of who we are’).

The body, mind and spirit are not independent of one another. They are intertwined. What affects one affects the others. A philosophy that focuses on only one aspect is an incomplete approach.

Our mission as natural remedy consultants and energy healing advocates is sharing our knowledge and communicating the many benefits of holistic, natural, spiritual and complementary modalities for the benefit and greater good of individual and community health and wellness.

Our courses and workshops have been developed by professionals in their fields. Care and consideration have been given to content, cost and convenience.

The Energencia Academy has a campus-based training facility in Hillcrest KZN and offers a wide range of courses in various healing modalities, with specific emphasis on eastern and western styles of Reiki and complementary energy healing, crystal healing and psychic development courses and workshops.

Owner and principal Alanha Prior and The Energencia Academy are registered with The Reiki Association of Southern Africa (RASA) www.reikiassociation.co.za and the IARP, International Association of Reiki Professionals https://iarp.org/. Alanha is also serves as the chairperson of CHI (Crystal Healers International).

www.energencia.co.za @reikicourseskzn email: [email protected]