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“As more and more people become spiritually aware, they change the whole world.”

The intensity of living with the impacts of global changes in climate are rapidly escalating in South Africa. Our sunburn is becoming uncomfortable. Extreme weather events are the most noticeable effects to date, especially the drought in the Western Cape and wildfires, but rises in vector and waterborne diseases are also gaining prominence.  Studies have documented the impact of high ambient temperatures. Food availability is under threat and already we are seeing poor crop yields in several provinces. The coronavirus has highlighted that access to food is tenuous, given the existing and rapidly rising levels of poverty.

It’s very evident that we, the people, must learn to adapt, to change. Stress, originally an engineering term, means to tear or break under pressure. Our people, our country, environment and wildlife are experiencing stress. Our problems include mental health internally and climate health externally. Many people feel the global balance and sustainability are in deep jeopardy.

We are all being challenged to cope, to care and to create a better future. It is obvious, if we keep on doing what we have done, we will all go down.

The younger people of today are feeling this in particular, because it is their future. The grown-ups are upset, living in unprecedented threat, turmoil and anxiety. There is a general background feeling of ominous, even catastrophic, foreboding.

Futurists, astrologers, prophets and evolutionists foretell a ‘Golden / New Age’.

What do they see? And how may it come about, this new era of global change?

Perhaps it’s the human condition, the people, their consciousness, that will shift?

It was Einstein who said: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  That is, we all have to arise inspirationally above.

On 5.5.1970, moved by her great compassion, comprehension and care, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, on the beach south of Bombay, experienced an event that spiritually is of great significance. She opened the Sahasrara or crown centre for collective access and expression. An unprecedented event. Exactly 50 years ago.

Subsequently, progressively, as an expression of our innate seeking, hundreds of thousands of people have experienced this subtle spiritual awakening experience.

This ‘second birth’ happens when our pure desire awakens the sacred pure energy of the Great Mother within us. She rises up the spine from her place in the sacrum bone, up through the top-most part of the body, the Fontanel (French = fountain) bone area.

This is the awakening of our Kundalini and its rising up through the crown, with the accompanying feeling of the ‘cool breeze’ (Holy Spirit), in flow, of the Yoga of deep connection and silence, plus a new higher awareness that happens. This awakening, both individually and collectively, can clear, balance and facilitate health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is our birthright, a new higher awareness that is capable of super-conscious discretion, intuition and inspiration, the type that animates great artists, musicians and leaders of all sorts, whom yogis call ‘Self-Realised’.

In 1987 in a television interview Shri Mataji was very respectfully introduced as India’s greatest living saint. Shri Mataji spoke of the natural breakthrough and transformation that has to happen in our evolution, in order for us to become the Spirit.

She explained about this new dimension in our nervous system and that it must become active in us. This dimension is part of the higher Absolute and guides and nourishes us so that we can integrate and transcend our lower human nature, to become our own masters, so that we can become our own guru. People that have the Light of their Spirit in their attention are beacons and they could become the inspired leaders that our uncertain future requires.

After an impromptu attempt to raise the Kundalini of everyone in the studio, a question is asked of Shri Mataji: “People who are in need are more sensitive, are they?” Shri Mataji explains: “Yes, I think so because then they hanker after God.”

Jung, the great analytical psychologist, foresaw the new era of what he termed ‘Collective Consciousness’, in that he saw people would pass through an evolutionary process he called ‘Individuation’ whereby they became more aware and integrated.

He foresaw that the sexes would become more equal and the people’s focus would become wider, more concerned with global problems and new solutions.

Maslow, the modern psychologist, saw the evolutionary pyramid of needs that culminates in self-actualisation and then self-transcendence with B-values as our highest drives, for subtle values, for truth, beauty and this higher awareness.

The life’s work of Shri Mataji has been to help people change, to perceive that Mother Earth and Mother Nature and the Mother Kundalini in us are truly sacred and so help everybody evolve consciously, to realise our innate universal spirituality. Our purpose is to perpetuate her knowledge and so help co-create conscious, sustainable and auspicious solutions for our people and our planet.

Shri Mataji (https://shrimataji.org/) travelled tirelessly for 38 years to bring this awakening to the Seekers of the World. She passed on the experience, information and even the empowerment to raise this Energy in others. She charged these new yogis to help work out the problems caused by humanity by raising their own consciousness and then to share Sahaja Kundalini Yoga Meditation free of charge, with everybody, globally. To Shri Mataji this is the way to save humanity, to connect our awareness to Spirit.