Growing up I enjoyed playing outdoors. I was a Brownie, then a Girl guide; I did speech and drama; I modelled and took part in beauty contests; I danced – I participated fully without any concern about the outcome; I was always fully present and immersed in whatever I took part in.

My exposure and curiosity were part of what moulded me, without my realising that this would lead to my great awakening. Steve Jobs said you can only connect the dots looking backwards. This is so true for me because only when I look back does it make sense that I participated with such great enthusiasm yet there was no attachment. I wasn’t aware then that these activities were preparing me for my great awakening. This was my journey. I cannot talk for others who also took part in the same activities; I don’t know if they value it in the same way as I do.

I am aware that our paths are ours alone; two can be travelling in the same car but having different experiences and we can be born of the same parents and have a different outlook to life from our siblings.

I am a qualified consciousness coach; it has become second nature for me to practise and teach what I stand for. The reason I love consciousness work is that it brings us to the awareness of our choices, it helps us make conscious decisions; we wake up from a prescribed life, we start questioning, we start awakening, we start seeing, we begin to hear, we begin to feel – then we live a life of purpose. We start living for ourselves and not for our parents, society, education and religion; we identify the false self for what it is. Once we discover our true potential, we don’t feel entitled to anything; we gain so much confidence that we don’t feel guilty for speaking our truth, standing up for ourselves and making ‘selfish’ decisions. We walk with a deeper courage that ‘it is well’ – like a child trusting that it will walk when the right time arrives.

Consciousness work includes one-on-one consulting, facilitating workshops and retreats, giving talks.  This is my space. I am comfortable in it and, of course, I have been comfortable in the corporate environment. I gave the best I had to give. I have been an actress and I have been a radio announcer and my confidence has never failed me. I served knowing that I was on a journey of self-discovery. I’ve always known that there was more I could offer. I still don’t want to be ordinary, I am extraordinary. I wanted to teach others the miracle working presence of the universe that flows through us, guiding and directing everything in our life. The most difficult work I have ever done is parenting, I have always trusted the divine guidance in bringing up boys to men and my instinct has always led me to the harsh path of pushing them toward their true power. I trust and believe in them and I know my guidance will produce strong men that had to find their purpose through tough love. I risk their hatred and societal judgment but how else can I lead them to their full power when I believe in them so much and I know, if I raise them the conventional way, they might stumble and settle for an ordinary life.

I had to work on myself by doing intense therapy, I went on adventurous retreats, I attended workshops and lectures by respectable gurus.  I went through a humbling spiritual initiation which opened a hidden yet interesting world. It fascinated me, I wanted to know more, I needed to shed a lot of conditioning, I had to release pain and trauma and see it for what it is. I realised that it is all just mere fear that had been imposed on us. That is all that pain and trauma is – False Evidence Appearing Real. When I discovered this truth I made a commitment to support others who are stuck without realising the falseness of their beliefs. I understood the journey of sacrifice our former President Dr Nelson Mandela undertook, I wanted to serve in his honour. He taught me and still teaches me each day that playing small does not serve the world.

I now run voluntary support groups and give lectures with my partner Jo Raaths at weekends and after hours at Uthando House, a centre we both started out of the love for the people and to bring people to the light.( People are opening up to the alternative promise of a better life than the tried and tested but more painful life. People are now searching inside themselves instead of searching for an external rescue and we are here to guide and support them.

I also work for a wonderful non-profit organisation called The Clothing Bank, a phenomenal concept founded by two wonderful women, Tracey Chambers and Tracey Gilmore, a two-year programme empowering women to start their own businesses and become financially independent.  We introduce them to business, financial and life skills.

I must say I am living my best life, helping people become the best version of themselves and seeing them dreaming of living a life of purpose is fulfilling to me.

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