What Do Numbers and Healing Crystals Have in Common?

Numerology offers a surprisingly accurate tool to gain insight into your character, talents and abilities by analysing the numbers in your birthdate, the numeric values of the letters in your name and the numbers that serendipitously appear in your life again and again. While our personal numbers are the mirror that reflects our inner world, crystals are our helpers in the outer world to harmonise the energies we were born with. They are gifts from the earth that we are offered to unfold our divine potential. Through their beauty and wisdom, they can help us be more in tune with our destiny.
By working with the gemstones that resonate with your numerology, you can enhance the strengths of your personal numbers. If a certain number’s weaknesses are manifesting in your life, you can discover crystals that will help to integrate and balance the number’s hindering effects. Together, numbers and stones offer a wonderful possibility to find your own way, recognise your true self, heal and harmonise with the world around you. Let the numbers guide you and the crystals empower you!

“All cosmic existence is united within collective principles and laws; shared properties and qualities are reflected in different people, animals, plants, crystals, symbols and objects and are expressed in the widest range of forms and sounds. People (for example) can come into resonance with this shared vibration using certain crystals, just as numerological symbolism resonates with healing crystals. The assigning of numbers to particular crystals is therefore based on their common factors; they express the same qualities on different planes of being. Numbers are highly complex and several crystals can be assigned to them, as we explain in the pages that follow. For this book we have selected those crystals that we consider are best suited to the particular numbers and will be of particular help to users as they reinforce their talents and abilities and express their respective goals. Where weaknesses of character or negative impressions are present, crystals similarly have a strong balancing influence and, at times, it can be quite a challenge to choose healing crystals for numbers that do not feature in a calculation……Crystals can be selected according to their effects, but also by using kinesiological tests, a bio tensor (a measuring and testing device) or pendulum, or even by colour.”

Excerpt: Crystals and Numerology, Decode Your Numbers and Support Your Life Path with Healing Stones by Editha Wuest and Sabine Schiferle

Author Bio: Editha Wuest has been working with crystals, numerology and alternative healing methods for many years. Since 1995 she has maintained her own counselling and coaching practice and leads seminars and courses. She lives near Munich, Germany. Sabine Schiferle is a numerologist with many years of experience. She also lives near Munich.